Relationship between teenagers and parents

Family is the most important thing in the wrold, teenagers and parents have a love and hate relatioship which makes them stronger.

Many people may think that family is no longer important to teenagers. This is a common opinion in today’s society. The truth is that teenagers need their parents and their support no matter what. Even if they start misbehaving, it’s just a phase that tapers off with time.

Parents have many ups and downs with their teenagers, but at the end of the day, they love each other no matter what. Teenagers mature over time and their relationship with their parents becomes more stable and stronger.

Importance of family

Family is by far the most important part of a child’s life. Children depend on their parents to protect them and meet all their needs. Parents are children’s first role models and teach them how the world works. By taking care of their children, parents become the most important part of their lives. When a child becomes a teenager, they start to think that they can do everything on their own or that they can move out and live their own life. The best part about family is that you will always need your family whether you are 16 or 80.


Families give teenagers financial and practical help. Especially for teenagers, family is always a source of emotional support because they know that they are the only ones who have understood their needs from day one. It’s perfectly normal for teens to get cranky and upset over little things over time, but aside from that, they still need the love and care of their parents. Even if your child gets angry or if their attitude gets the best of them, they still need your love and attention.

Control Struggles

When children are young, parents control most aspects of their lives and make decisions for them. They also choose their clothing, circle of friends, etc. As children get older, they realize that if they do not make their own decisions, they will not mature. So in their teens, they start fighting for control and doing what they want.

For teenagers, this fight for control is risky because they risk losing the care and love of their parents. When teens start making their own decisions and sometimes take the wrong path, parents end up blaming themselves and getting hurt. Parents get scared and worry about their children’s future. It may seem easy at first to make your own decisions, but it is very difficult. You have to think twice before making a decision, and when you have the support of your parents, it is much easier.

Lately, it is looked down upon by other teenagers when a teen is close to or living with their parents. This is a terrible dilemma. In my opinion, it is great to live with or be close to your parents because they raised you and are a major reason for where you are in life. Teenagers should never leave their parents or feel that it is “uncool” to be with them.

Are the parents at fault ?

Many parents blame themselves and think they’re the reason their son/daughter turned out the way they did. Sometimes parents have themselves to blame for not treating their children with respect, not spending enough time with them, not showing enough love and affection, or not being reassuring. Even if a teenager is moody, he/she wants the love of his parents, but sometimes parents react very harshly.

Sometimes teenagers get scared o living up to their parents expectations. The thought ends up scaring them and they start getting anxious. Parents sometimes want a certain career and college degree. If the child fail to meet their expectations, they get extremely disappointed and angry which scares the child.

Tips to build a positive family relationship

Even though parents and teenagers go through many ups and downs, at the end of the day family is the most important thing in the world. Here are a few tips to improve your relationship with your children:


  1. If you and your family are not eating dinner together, that is the first thing you should change. Eating meals together will help you communicate with each other and discuss any problems. This is a good way to open up to each other.
  2. Whenever your child accomplishes something or realises a long-awaited goal, you should celebrate them as a family and make them feel proud. This is a good way to make your children feel better about themselves. Usually teenagers don’t celebrate their accomplishments with their parents, so try to break that stigma and celebrate every achievement.
  3. Always support each other, if your family doesn’t back you, no one will. Make sure you’re there for each other during your ups and downs. It’s important to be in a good mental state.
  4. Family trips are very important, they keep you away from negative conversations and you can enjoy yourself. A relaxing holiday could be an ideal way to leave everything aside and spend quality time with your family.
  5. Hold weekly family meetings so you can interact with your child and make sure everything is okay with him/HER. This is a good way to show your child that you care about him/her.

Family is the most important thing for everyone. There are people in this world who have not even had the chance to see their parents, so we should always be grateful for what we have. The relationship between teenagers and parents will always be bumpy, but that’s what makes it stronger.

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