Renowned Urdu poet, writer Fahmida Riaz passes away at 72

Fahmida Riaz remained an activist in her academic life.

Acclaimed Urdu poet and literary personality Fahmida Riaz passed away on Wednesday night in Lahore at the age of 72.

The prominent progressive essayist, who was likewise hailed by numerous individuals as a pioneer in women’s activist writing, had been experiencing sickness for a couple of months.
Fahmida Riaz constantly raised her voice for women rights and democracy. She also headed the National Book Foundation.

Fahmida Riaz remained an activist in her academic life. She talked and wrote against the restriction on understudy legislative issues during General Ayub’s regime. During the 1980s she and her husband lived in a state of banishment in India after the two were imprisoned by the tyrant for their liberal and politically charged perspectives.

She has been a noticeable voice in the women’s activist struggle in Pakistan, where her poems, both directly and indirectly grind down at the foundations of male dominance.

She was appointed the managing director of the National Book Foundation in Benazir’s first term and was later persecuted during the first Nawaz Sharif government, being marked an Indian agent and becoming virtually unemployable. She needed to work three simultaneous jobs to support the needs of her young children.

In the second Benazir government, she was given a post at the Quaid-I-Azam Academy, which also ended when the administration was dismissed.

Her collection of poetry includes ‘Dhoop’, ‘Pura Chand’, ‘Admi Ki Zindagi’ and more. Her novels include ‘Zinda Bahar’, ‘Godaavari’ and ‘Karachi’. She was famous for her revolutionary and contrary to tradition poetry.

A lot of individuals poured in their sympathies over the demise of the notable poet.

PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb expressed sorrow over the demise of Fahmida Riaz and termed it a loss not only for literature but also for democracy. The former information minister praised the progressive writer for her work. “Fahmida Riaz had worked sincerely throughout her life for the rights of women,” she said.

Famous writer Kamila Shamsie also expressed grief over the death of Famida Riaz.

Famous author Ayesha Siddiqa wrote: