Zayn Malik’s next venture…BOLLYWOOD??

Just a couple of weeks back, this Pakistani hotshot was in the news for denouncing Islam as his religion. He claimed to have never spoken publicly about his religious beliefs or professed his identity as Muslim.

Needless to say, his statements caused quite a stir among his Muslim fans online, who condemned the interview and called him out for his words.

Therefore, it proved to be quite the shock for us all when he dropped his new song, “Allah Duhai Hai”, on his Instagram, which can be considered a ‘lose’ cover of the famous title track of the Bollywood film  ‘Race’.

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The song is a dubstep style re-invention of the well known and loved track and tbvh its quite good. Zayn hit all the notes and his subtly accented Hindi pronunciation adds that extra oompfh to the song alongside the increased EDM undertones, making this reincarnation truly interesting.

Fans were quite confused about his song choice right after his statements of not being Muslim in particular, and took to the comments on his Instagram to question his decision. Despite that, the general response to the song was extremely positive, with even foreign fans commenting about enjoying the music albeit not understanding a word.

‘There’s definitely a lot of Urdu; some nice qawwali sounds. There might even be some bhangra vibes. I have also worked with AR Rahman on one song,” Zayn teased in an interview regarding his upcoming album.