Resignation – Blame Game

Maulana Fazl ur Rahman is asking for PM Imran Khan's resignation, Bilawal is asking for Shaikh Rasheed's resignation, but have they self-analyzed their deeds?

On October 31st, a news circulated all around, that a train has caught fire. On further inquiry, it came to our knowledge the Tezgam had caught fire, which left from Karachi to Pindi, the night before. In this sad incident, around 74 people lost their lives and several were injured. Two explanations were put forward, as to why the train caught fire. The first said that the JUI followers started cooking on a gas cylinder, which exploded. The second explanation blamed the train management as they said it all happened due to short circuit. There were condolences from all around the country as the loss of life was something unexpected and people demanded Shaikh Rasheed’s resignation.


Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari visited the wounded in Bahawal Victoria Hospital and later talked to the media. There, Bilawal demanded for Shaikh Rasheed’s resignation, as apparently he is ‘responsible’ for the fire. The irony here is that Mr. Bilawal here is asking for Shaikh Rasheed’s resignation over the killings of 74 people; which has not been proved yet. However, the people killed in Thar due to  famine, the people killed in rest of Sindh due to unhygienic surroundings are yet to get justice. One should see, under who’s jurisdiction does it fall, and who should be accountable for those deaths. Shaikh Rasheed should or should not give resignation is a different thing to discuss, who is asking for it matters.

Everyone looks for resignation here, so that they can take charge and make things ‘better’. But that is not how it goes in Pakistan, sadly. Where on one hand, people are looking forward to justice at every corner, there on the other hand, they look forward to honest government officials too. Its high time, that government officials start working for their own people.


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