Burberry Launched Their Game Called B Bounce

Burberry has launched a game called B bounce to promote its new collection. The best part is that you get prizes in real life.

Burberry launched their game called B Bounce. I mean we all know what Burberry is known for, don’t we? Their iconic checkered pattern is loved by all of us. They have many things in their collection from bags, clothes, perfumes and now games! Their game has an IRL incentive. Yes, you read that right! You can win a prize in real life.

Basically, they’re promoting their new puffer collection with this game. It’s a way to create hype and the winner gets a Burberry puffer. How to download this game? It’s available online and you can also play it in their Regent Street store. You can win a series of prizes from custom GIF to many other prizes, but the grand prize is the Burberry puffer. You just have to make this deer, which is clad in a Burberry outfit, jump into space amidst the moon and stars.

Rachel Waller, the vice president of Burberry’s digital marketing said,

“Secondly, is about surprise and delight storytelling. Gaming is the new frontier of storytelling – there’s a huge narrative here. There’s a great advantage to being able to surprise and delight your consumer with brand messages.”

They have come up with this game after a thorough research, which showed that most of the younger consumers are interested in playing games. It seems like gaming is the next big thing in the industry hence, many fashion brands might just be launching their own games. This particular game is available to players in the UK, US, Canada, China, Japan and Korea.

Former Harper’s Bazaar editor, Lucy Yeomans will also launch her own game in early 2020. This says a lot about the potential gaming market that exists. We’re interested in seeing how well Burberry does in this gaming industry, maybe this could lead more luxury fashion brands to enter into this market.

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