Rooh Afza GO: Hit or a Miss?

Rooh Afza GO is a carbonated water based drink.

Rooh Afza has launched its variant in a can. Well, not exactly a variant because it’s in a can and it’s carbonated. Yes, you read that right. It is a version of carbonated drinks but its Rooh Afza flavoured.

They launched their new carbonated drink and we tried it out. I can say it was quite like other carbonated drinks but not exactly like it. Similar yet very different is how I can best describe it. I wouldn’t say it could completely replace other carbonated drinks but it definitely is a good addition in this category. I’m wondering how Doodh Soda made out of Rooh Afza GO would taste like, and would it gain popularity in this category perhaps only time can tell.

Overall, I can’t say I didn’t like it. It is a good variant in the carbonated market. They have potential and could probably dominate the doodh soda industry as people have already been using Rooh Afza with milk. I would suggest them to add different flavours like Rooh Afza Go lemon, Rooh Afza Go sugar free and many more of this sort.

What are your thoughts regarding this?