Saatchi & Saatchi Harassment Scandal

Former employee was allegedly harassed and forced to stay quiet.

A post recently surfaced on facebook where a former employee of an international advertising agency named Saatchi & Saatchi, shared horrific detailed about the environment of the company. From harassment to sexualizing a woman and her work and forced to stay quiet about it. She endured it silently until she finally had the courage to speak up because enough is enough.

In an era where movements against harassment such as #metoo has gained so much popularity, more and more women are being encouraged to open up and talk against harassment and rape and raise their voices. The former employee chose to write about her experience on social media where she shared a post.

 If you are being harassed, forced to stay quiet about inappropriate touching, if you are unfortunately working in a place where men are sexualizing you and your work, and not respecting your personal space, using you as bait, using your medical conditions against you, breaching your contract, or where women are purposely scaring you into not speaking up against being harassed, coercing you into taking extended unpaid leaves to cool off, you are in the wrong place and you have every right to leave on your own terms. It’s just a job.

She mentions that she was condemned to post about this whole scenario on social media but she still did it because one should not remain quiet. She did what she felt was the right thing to do and left the job.