Sabeen Mahmud Vital Loss For a Developing Country

Sabeen Mahmud was a human rights activist who was shot down on 24th of April 2015. Her legacy still goes on.

While living in Pakistan, the life of one can be really uncertain. No one knows when might come and just shoot you down. Especially, if you are fighting against the norms of the society. And that is what Sabeen Mahmud did. Sabeen Mahmud was a human rights activist who used to take a stance on things no could ever imagine. Sabeen was courageous, fearless, relentless, and was loyal to her work. With no fear in what she did, she also opened up a very popular community space The 2nd Floor (T2F) where people could come and interact. 

Sabeen, before her murder, was working on the missing people of Baluchistan. And along with her were two other activists from Baluchistan, named Mama Qadeer and Farzana Majeed. These two activists are banned from traveling to the United States and are usually a victim of labels like traitor and terrorists. These three were working on hundreds of missing people in Baluchistan. Well more than fearing the terrorists, they had to fear the security agencies in Pakistan. It is reported that LUMS also canceled one of their event. The event included Sabeen, Qadeer, and Farzana & was canceled due to one of the agencies in Pakistan.

However, Sabeen was gunned down on 24th April, by Saad Aziz, who was later arrested. Sabeen, along with her mother, was returning from the seminar on Missing Baluch Person. When Saad targeted her near DHA library and shot her. Her murder was condemned by many people. After her death she just left a hashtag behind her, ‘#UnsilenceBalochistan’. 

Today marks five years to her death, and people are still looking for answers to the questions she asked before her death. Will, they even be answered or it has all ended with her like the killers of Sabeen wanted?

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