Quarantine Has Brought a Change in Our Lifestyle

As much as we hate this quarantine and the lockdown, it has brought changes in us, which might be for our own good.

Today when I woke up, my father asked me to trim his hair. And I was shocked to the core because, well, no one wants their hair to be ruined. And then I realized what this quarantine has done to us. Let’s just go a few days back when everything was normal. Whenever we had cravings for something good to eat we just had to unlock our cellphones. Then we used to quickly open up the app of ‘foodpanda’  & used to scroll it for like five minutes. Kaboom, our order was placed. Meanwhile we used to set up our laptops and search for a good movie or something to watch while having food. We literally took ‘Dekhtay jao khatay jao’ too seriously without even knowing it.

We used to think that how easy our life is just because of these apps. Used to hear phrases like,  ‘Kitchen ko taala lagao’ and ‘Don’t Cook Foodpanda Karo’, guess what? No idea, if we were actually doing this unintentionally or intentionally, but now at least one person per family is cooking.


We used to think that households can do nothing without maids. I agree, somehow life was tough in the starting of the lockdown. However, after cleaning my room, I realized that it is difficult but not impossible. Moreover, tidiness is more than as compared to when the maid did all the cleaning. Since childhood I have heard that livelihood, sustenance, daily bread, and blessings are distributed in the morning but the shops and businesses used to open in the afternoon. However, now shops are opening in the morning and closing before night.

I am not sure that this COVID-19 is a curse or a conspiracy but honestly it made me a better person and knocked some sense into me during quarantine.

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