Sajjad Ali Claims He Never Said “Besharam Rung” Is Copied

In response to those who said he made the claims for cheap popularity, Sajjad Ali replied. He denied saying "Besharam Rung" is a copy. 

Sajjad Ali, a singer, posted a song on Twitter over a week ago called “Ab Ke Hum Bichre Toh Shayad,” which quickly went popular because it reminded people of the song “Besharam Rang” by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Ali gained attention for “saying” that the makers of Pathaan plagiarised his song, although the truth is that he never said anything to that effect. The artist has since stated that he never actually made a comparison between the two and that he never “states” that his tracks are really being “copied.”

On Tuesday, Ali posted a video to Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “After listening to the song people started to say that Sajjad Ali is saying that ‘my song has been replicated’. First thing, when did I say this? Go back and watch that video of mine, what did I say in that? I never named any singer, song, director or actor.”

In the first video, he stated that a recently released song made him think of one of his own songs, which he went on to sing. He emphasised that this was not true. “Why did I remember it? It’s because 80 per cent of the songs made in raag bhairavi on our end sound very similar. I have also made songs in raag bhairavi and I got the feel of my own song, only from the first line, because it sounded similar to one of mine. People thought of it as a copy and to clear it up, I never said such a thing. I never make such statements because it makes no difference. Just to be clear, the song is not a copy of my own and neither did I ever say it was,” he said.

Ali responded to those who believed he created the video to achieve “cheap fame.” Sajjad Ali claimed he is a “renowned man” who doesn’t require such notoriety. “In the 90s and 2000s when my songs were completely lifted, I didn’t point it out then, I won’t do it today and probably won’t in the near future. I don’t need fame of this kind. I have fans around the world, I’m never part of the controversy and neither do I say such stuff because I mind my own business,” he reasoned.

Sajjad Ali responded, “It’s not Mehdi Hasan sahab’s ghazal, it’s by Ahmad Faraz Sahab,” in response to claims that he had stolen Mehdi Hasan’s ghazal for his song “Ab Ke Hum Bichre Toh Shayad.” It is the dhun [song] of Mehdi Hasan sahab. You wouldn’t classify a musician singing one ghazal in 100 distinct musical arrangements as “copying.”

According to Ali, the actual problem is that art and its various forms have been entirely abandoned by society. Even though they enjoy music, he thinks that’s why they can’t appreciate it because they “don’t have adequate information about it.”

Ali stated in his original video, “I was browsing on YouTube when I heard songs from new movies and it reminded me of one my own songs from 25 to 26 years ago. Let’s make you listen to it.”

In the upcoming film Pathaan’s song “Besharam Rang,” Khan and Padukone can be seen dancing by the beach in Europe to the peppy music. It became a heated topic because of the clothing in the music video more than the music itself. The costumes and subject of the song were so “objectionable,” according to BJP political leader Narottam Mishra, that he demanded that it be changed.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) of India promptly directed producers to make adjustments to the film, including the songs, and submit a revised version for certification after receiving his critique of the song. Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is slated to hit Indian theatres on January 25.

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