Exploring Thailand This Season (Part 2)

There are several incredible things to do in Thailand, whether you're seeking picturesque beaches, fascinating jungles, bustling cities, or something else.

There are several incredible things to do in Thailand, whether you’re seeking picturesque beaches, fascinating jungles, bustling cities, or something else. This historic nation in Southeast Asia is home to amazing cuisine and artwork, unusual customs, and hospitable locals.

Most major cities are accessible by air because the nation currently has a well-established network of air linkages that connects it to other countries as well as to other countries internally. However, many tourists discover that taking the train is the ideal mode of transportation in Thailand for having the entire experience. Although it might move a little more slowly, you will get to see more of the stunning scenery that this nation is famous for.

Read on to learn more about the greatest places to visit and must-do activities in Thailand if you’re up for some outdoor activities, pad Thai, and palm trees. You won’t be let down by this fantastic location.

Put a few of these popular Thailand tourist destinations on your itinerary. We have already covered a few in our previous article so check that out if you want to experience Thailand to its fullest. You’ll be surprised by almost every square mile of this ancient world.

Krabi Town and Province

One of the best destinations to visit in Thailand and a great opportunity to experience everyday Thai life is Krabi Town, which is known for its laid-back atmosphere. It is situated in southern Thailand, directly across the bay from Phuket, a popular tourist destination.

On their journey to other, more well-known tourist destinations, a lot of travellers pass through Krabi Town. But for those who stay, the acquaintances they build and the riches they discover make Krabi Town a worthwhile vacation spot.

An amazing wonder composed of caves tucked away in the bush is the Tiger Cave Temple. In this lovely region, monks still reside and conduct services. There is a trek up to a limestone tower if you are up for the ascent. The Andaman Sea and “the Buddha’s footprint” are seen at the summit.

The Khao Khanab Nam Mountains’ summits are another wonderfully Instagrammable sight. Many human remains have been discovered in the caverns inside of them, perhaps those of long-ago inhabitants who were stranded there by floodwaters.

Another great spot for a dip in the Krabi Hot Springs. Geological bathtubs formed out of the rock are filled with thermal spring water, which is supposed to treat various illnesses and relax muscles. As peaceful as any bath can be is taking a bath in the jungle.

Take a stroll to Thara Park in the evening to enjoy the cool sea breezes and observe the boat traffic. Additionally, this is where you may get on a boat for an excellent recommendation island hopping cruise.

Take a stroll to Thara Park in the evening to enjoy the cool sea air and observe the boat traffic. Additionally, this is where you may get on a boat for an excellent recommendation island hopping cruise.

The Koh Phi Phi islands are among the most beautiful and well-liked destinations from Krabi. James Bond Island, which was famously depicted in the 1974 film, is among the most recognisable. You can reach these amazing locations by taking one of the several speed boat tours or sunset cruises.

This little metro region with so much to do and see appears like an oasis in comparison to the chaos of Thailand’s major cities. If you’re prepared to include Krabi in your schedule, take into account the Ingnam Pool Villa, a 4-bedroom home with a pool and free parking situated in the heart of Krabi Town.

Koh Tao

One of the greatest things to do in Thailand is to visit the island of Koh Tao, which is known for its amazing diving, nightclubs, and intriguing restaurants. Near Koh Samui and Koh Phangan lies this little island.

Both Thai people and tourists from other countries like visiting this location. So, during long weekends, it could get packed. The beaches and diving are without a doubt the biggest draws. There are many dive shops nearby that conduct excursions, and even novice divers can participate in some of these trips. For individuals who develop a passion for the activity, comprehensive scuba certification courses are very affordable.

The island can only be reached by boat, either from the mainland cities of Chumphon or Koh Phangan. Take a snorkelling excursion from Koh Samui to visit the nicest areas of Koh Tao if you only want a day’s worth of exposure to the island.


Another serene, contemplative location rich in history and culture, Bangkok is one of the best cities in Thailand to visit. Uncountable significant sites and ruins can be found in Sukothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of the countryside. It served as Siam’s first capital from 1238 to 1438 and is regarded as the origin of Thai culture. The name, which means “the dawn of bliss,” refers to a time when the region was incredibly prosperous.

The spiritual hub of the area is Wat Mahathat, a sizable complex of temples and historic structures that were formerly regarded as the centre of the universe. It’s one of the locations in the city that gets the most photos, especially with the sitting Buddha hidden beneath fallen columns.


Because of its renowned Macaque monkey community, which is believed to bring good luck, Lopburi is one of the most visited cities in Thailand. This location is very close to Bangkok, making it simple to reach by road.

The wild monkeys are certainly naughty, but they’re also quite adorable. Have a sense of humour and don’t appear to be carrying any tasty food. If you don’t want to give your necklace to a monkey, don’t make the error of wearing one!

Another ancient city is Lopburi, which has magnificent remains, a palace, and Khmer-era temples. Along with trinkets, vendors offer local specialities like coconut jelly mushrooms. The region is incredibly interesting and lovely.


Given its wealth in art and legend, Phetchaburi ought to be on any traveller’s list of the greatest locations to visit in Thailand. As you travel south from Bangkok, this is one of the first provinces on the Malay Peninsula.

Amazing temples and shrines, intriguing markets, and traditional wooden shopping malls are all available there. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park, which formerly served as a royal summer house, is one of the city’s highlights.

This historic coastal city is situated next to Thailand’s biggest national park. Large lakes, waterfalls, and a wealth of species may all be found in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Numerous caves with intriguing shrines and statues, including sitting and lying Buddha figures, are located deep inside the hills around the city. A few quiet beaches nearby, each with its unique feel, provide a wonderful spot to spend a day swimming or lounging in the sun.

Puek Tian beach, one of them, lacks swimming facilities but has interesting statues that protrude from the ocean. It’s fantastic for photography and exemplifies how Phetchaburi is a haven for those who appreciate the arts and culture.


Bangkok, the country’s capital, is unquestionably among the best destinations to visit in Thailand. It is a sizable, contemporary metropolis that is also dotted with historic temples and shrines.

It is renowned for its abundance of Thai hospitality. Bangkok, which is teeming with visitors and locals, is a feast for the senses. You can find anything in Bangkok, whether you want to eat pad Thai, unwind with a genuine Thai massage, or watch a thrilling Muay Thai fight.

Explore the golden temples, take a canal ride through the marketplaces, or go shopping for anything and everything. The Kings of Siam spent ages living in the Bangkok Grand Palace, a stunning tourist destination. The magnificent Wat Pho, the imposing Wat Arun, and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the most revered in Thailand, are the top temples to see in the capital.

Bangkok offers exquisite cuisine as well. You’ll sample flavours that are unique to this planet, whether they come from a street vendor or a top-notch restaurant. Even if you prefer nice dining, make it a point to try street cuisine at least once while you are travelling.

The city is renowned for its nightlife and sections where everything goes. As previously indicated, you can watch a Muay Thai bout at one of the many stadiums or neighbourhood venues in the city. As Thailand’s national sport, it is essentially Thai boxing and is unquestionably a popular form of entertainment.

Make the acclaimed Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok your base of operations while visiting the area. A short ride away from the Grand Palace Bangkok and other popular sights, it is a contemporary high-rise with a pool, spa, and several restaurants in a more tranquil riverbank setting.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the most well-known tourist islands in Thailand. It is only a short ferry ride or a quick flight away from the Malay Peninsula, with the latter being the more popular option.

Koh Samui is an upscale island with a lot of opulent resorts and villas. This is the Thailand destination for you if you’re seeking a getaway with white sand beaches, peaceful spas and lodgings, and stunning jungle views.

Thailand is famous for its many stunning Buddhist temples, the most well-known of which is Wat Phra Yai, often known as the Big Buddha. Its 40-foot-tall sacred golden statue is easily recognisable due to its conspicuous placement and size.

There are also adventures like boat tours to remote offshore islands where pigs swim in the ocean, sunset cruises, and jeep jungle safaris! Driving in Thailand is not for the timid, so if you want to explore the island on your own, you might want to rent a car with a driver.

You might want to go all out and stay at a hotel like Conrad Koh Samui as this is a posh resort island, as was previously said. You can stay in a beachfront villa with a private pool and eat at some of the island’s best restaurants while there.


Phuket is well-known in the west as a Thai paradise where a tonne of tourists flock to party like there’s no tomorrow. It also has some of Thailand’s top hotels and beaches. It serves as another important entry point to Phang Nga Bay’s farther-flung islands.

Though technically an island, Phuket is a sizable one that is connected to the rest of Thailand by a bridge. It has a significant airport that receives flights from Bangkok and other significant places across the world.

With vibrant buildings and mansions amid winding lanes, Phuket is a bustling and ancient town. It’s a terrific place to stop for some street cuisine and souvenir shopping, and it’s also one of the places to experience Phuket’s renowned nightlife.

Island hopping boat cruises are frequently offered from or close to Phuket town. It is one of the starting sites for speedboat tours to the Bamboo Islands and Koh Phi Phi Islands. James Bond Island is also accessible from here via day excursion.

Mai Khao Beach is an excellent place to hunt for a spot if you’ve had enough excitement and are ready to relax on the beach under the shade of a coconut tree. Some of the largest luxury resorts can be found along this expansive stretch of sandy shoreline for astonishingly affordable prices.

The Melia Phuket Mai Khao is a fantastic option among the several coastal hotels available. Each accommodation has a garden terrace and is lavishly furnished with contemporary conveniences.

Chiang Rai

The province of Chiang Rai is the final bizarre location in this stunning country that we will take you to in northern Thailand. This region of Thailand is extremely remote and borders Laos and Myanmar, which makes it all the more intriguing.

You may be familiar with Chiang Rai because of the newsworthy incident involving a young soccer team who became trapped in a flooded cave there a few years ago. They amazingly made it through the several-week ordeal, and professional scuba divers had to remove them.

Even though the narrative has a happy ending, it isn’t a reason not to visit this amazing province. Huge rice fields dot the landscape beneath mountains and rainforests, creating gorgeous views.

Wat Rong Khun, a well-known temple often referred to as the White Temple, is located in Chiang Rai. The White Temple is unique, even if you feel like you’ve seen enough temples in Thailand. Its entirely white paint job and very detailed building make for an unusual sight.

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