Exploring Thailand This Season

There are several incredible things to do in Thailand, whether you're seeking picturesque beaches, fascinating jungles, bustling cities, or something else.

There are several incredible things to do in Thailand, whether you’re seeking for picturesque beaches, fascinating jungles, bustling cities, or something else. This historic nation in Southeast Asia is home to amazing cuisine and artwork, unusual customs, and hospitable locals.

Numerous historical monuments, spicy Thai food, and stunning beaches with soft sands and clear waters draw tourists from all over the world. But where should you go in Thailand and what should you see there?

It’s simple to become overwhelmed in a nation that is so dynamic and different. For those considering a trip to the Land of Smiles, we have compiled a list of all the top attractions and activities in Thailand.

Most major cities are accessible by air because the nation currently has a well-established network of air linkages that connects it to other countries as well as to other countries internally. However, many tourists discover that taking the train is the ideal mode of transportation in Thailand for having the entire experience. Although it might move a little more slowly, you will get to see more of the stunning scenery that this nation is famous for.

Read on to learn more about the greatest places to visit and must-do activities in Thailand if you’re up for some outdoor activities, pad Thai, and palm trees. You won’t be let down by this fantastic location.

Put a few of these popular Thailand tourist destinations on your itinerary. You’ll be surprised by almost every square mile of this ancient world.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a historic city in the highlands of northern Thailand that was established in 1296 as the seat of the former Lanna Kingdom.

The Old City neighbourhood still preserves the moats and fortifications from this time, along with numerous Buddhist temples. The neighbourhood’s winding streets, historic structures, and museums may keep you occupied for hours.

Include a stop at Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Phan Tao, which are all well-known temples. Bo Sang Village, renowned for its vibrant, hand-painted umbrellas of various sizes, is also well-known. For genuine mementoes, purchase one or several.

In the neighbouring highlands, there are two distinct hill tribes. Visitors adore the chance to get a close-up view of their less well-known culture. Look for stunning waterfalls as you pass through the lovely, lush forestland on your route to see them.

If you have the opportunity, stop by the Elephant Nature Park to observe elephants in a natural environment. You may be confident that your visit will be moral because this is an elephant rescue centre.


Due to its charming small-town atmosphere and rural setting, Pai is among the most visited places in Thailand. Pai needs its own mention; it is located in the northern Thai province of Mae Hong Soon, which will be covered in a separate section later.

It is surrounded by hot springs, mountains covered in forest, and waterfalls and is located on the banks of the Pai River. Visitors to the city can relax in a cafe or bar or browse the booths and stores of Pai Walking Street. In addition to some wonderful Thai cuisine, this area has its own delicacies with influences from China and Burma.

A vast array of outdoor activities, including mountain climbing, hiking, and river rafting, are available outside of the city. There are many waterfalls in the nearby highlands, including Mo Pang, Mae Yen, and Pam Bok, to name a few.

If you enjoy hiking, the Pai Canyon, located just south of the city, offers panoramic panoramas of the valley from the summit of its pathways. Adventurers enjoy taking pictures from high up on ledges overlooking a sea of lush green foliage.

Chiang Saen

Visitors are only naturally drawn to an ancient culture’s origins, which are mostly located in Chiang Saen.

Chiang Saen, a peaceful river town on Thailand’s border with Myanmar and Laos, can be located in the far north of the Chiang Rai Province. The infamous “Golden Triangle” between the three nations is formed at this point.

Unfortunately, this moniker comes from the area’s previous status as a significant opium-producing hub. You shouldn’t be concerned that this could endanger your trip, though. Tourists are safe here because drug traffic has decreased in recent years.

Chiang Saen’s position at the meeting point of the Mekong and Ruak Rivers, which makes it a key site for the trade that flows along them, is its more significant significance. Here, goods from Myanmar, Laos, and China are transported into Thailand by riverboat, along with elements of their traditions and cuisines.

Along with historical relics dating back to the seventh century, there are temples like Wat Pa Sak and Wat Phra That Pha Ngao to visit. You should also stroll along the Mekong River. Don’t forget to sample some delectable Thai cuisine from a street vendor.


Let’s head to the beach now! Visiting the islands and mountains of Trang Province is one of the top things to do in Thailand.

Trang is surrounded by lush beauty, teeming with friendly people, and renowned for its superb Thai cuisine. This province is located on the Andaman Sea side of the long peninsula that southern Thailand shares with Malaysia and Myanmar.

Visitors can easily bounce between the numerous nearby islands during the day by renting a boat. All have warm waves and white sand beaches, giving them the most tranquil beach getaways you can think of.

There are numerous festivals hosted annually in Trang city. The Trang Cake Festival, where you can sample a variety of delectable cakes with flavours like orange and coffee, is a favourite among tourists. However, you may sample their special fusion of Malay, Indian, and Indonesian cuisine at any time of the year at the Night Market or Cinta Walking Street.

The Kantang Hot Spring Forest Park is a fun stop on the way to or from the seaside, even though your time in Trang Province is likely to be quite hot. Although donations are accepted, admission is free, and among the natural springs are amenities that resemble spas.


A significant role in World War II was played by the ancient city of Kanchanaburi. It may be found in the same-named province, which is adjacent to Myanmar and is located just west of Bangkok.

Due to its advantageous location halfway between Bangkok and what was then known as Burma—now known as Myanmar—the Kanchanaburi Province was of geographic significance during World War II. It was utilised by the Japanese imperial forces both in their early attempts to conquer India as well as to reach battle locations on the opposite side of the border.

Kanchanaburi served as a significant stop on the ominously called Death Railway throughout the war. This rail line started in Ban Pong, which enabled further connections to Bangkok, and went over the Death Railway Bridge to span the River Khwae Yai.

A significant victory for the Allied Forces in their efforts to stop the Japanese came in 1945 when bombs demolished the original bridge across the river. It has been replaced with a replica that draws tourists from all over the world who are interested in World War II.

The railway was constructed by hundreds of thousands of forced workers during the war, and a significant number of them perished while working on it, which is why it is known as the Death Railway. These prisoners of war are honoured at the JEATH War Museum, also called the World War II Museum.

This village in West Thailand has more than just horrible war tales. The Erawan Waterfall is arguably the most stunning in the entire nation. Erawan National Park has it together with limestone caves and a sizable rainforest.

To avoid having to drive more than two hours to return to Bangkok at the end of the day, you could wish to stay the night in this city. Natee, a well-rated hotel close to the bridge and museum is the Riverfront Hotel Kanchanaburi, which has a restaurant and a pool.


Due to its stunning natural surroundings and renowned Damneon Saduak floating market, the province of Ratchaburi is among the best destinations to visit in Thailand. This region of Thailand is conveniently accessible by day trip or overnight travel from Bangkok thanks to its proximity to the metropolis.

Vendors at the well-known floating market peddle food and trinkets from wooden boats in the khlongs or canals. An enjoyable and touristic activity that also feels extremely authentic is visiting the floating markets.

Bo Khlong’s and Khao Chon’s terraced waterfall hot springs. This picturesque province’s caverns and mountains are popular with tourists from all over the world. In fact, if you’re searching for some extreme adrenaline, it’s a terrific area to go rock climbing.

Koh Phangan

One of the nicest spots to travel in Thailand, especially if you enjoy a good party, is this island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located next to Koh Samui, it’s more well-known neighbour.

Every month, the Full Moon Party, which lasts all night, attracts partygoers and travellers to the Haad Rin peninsula. When you need some peace and quiet, head to the white sand beaches at Hat Khuat and Hat Thian on the opposite end of the island.

This tropical paradise, with the exception of the lunar celebrations every month, boasts ideal weather and unending natural beauty that extends beyond the blue water’s surface. It’s simple to schedule top-notch scuba diving here, and you can even get certified

The Thong Sala night market on Koh Phangan is a fantastic bazaar. Here, you may eat delicious seafood, incredible street food, and various regional cuisines. Rent a motorbike or scooter for a few baht to go exploring on your own. Or have a beautiful hike in the hills.

Here, we advise going all-out resort. Indulge in the extra comforts and seclusion at one of the lovely retreats, like Baan Manali Resort. There is a speedboat and van transfer service that will get you to the activity at night if all you want to do is party and you are vacationing on Koh Samui.

Mae Hong Son

Another popular tourist destination in Thailand is the region of Mae Hong Son, which is known for its picturesque mountain ranges and relaxed atmosphere. The province is located in northwest Thailand, close to the Burmese border.

It feels otherworldly because it is largely enveloped in mist. Few visitors arrive here, but those who do look for solitude, tranquilly, and untamed natural beauty.

Flying from Chiang Mai is the most effective way to reach this distant sanctuary. A minibus is another option, but all routes over the mountains are difficult and you should be prepared to feel a little queasy due to the switchbacks. You’ll be mesmerised once you arrive in Mae Hong Son.

The majority of the well-known Mae Hong Son Loop routes are found in this region. Those who embark on this multi-day adventure will truly stray from the tourist trail and see a very real, exotic Thailand. Anyone who travels there will encounter mountains, rivers, little towns, and delicious food.

The Mae Hong Son Loop travels across the adjacent province of Chiang Mai on one occasion, and a brief detour will lead you to Doi Inthanon National Park. You may hike across this large preserve and see some of the most breathtaking mountaintop vistas in the nation as you pass temples, pagodas, and bizarre waterfalls.

You can still go to Doi Inthanon National Park from Chiang Mai if you want to see it there but don’t have time to complete the entire loop. There are numerous guided tours available that can take you directly from the city and back, with varying hiking distances and lengths.

Koh Chang

The island of Koh Chang is one of the best locations in Thailand to go hiking in untouched, wild beauty. It is a sizable island located in the east of the nation, not far from Cambodia’s shore.

The Mu Ko Chang National Park features difficult treks and amazing tiered waterfalls. Backpackers are drawn to the beaches and little communities along the coast of Koh Chang.

Popular activities include diving and snorkelling in the pristine waters as well as wildlife viewing on land. Sadly, elephant rides are available, but we do not advise taking them. The animals are frequently not treated humanely, and you can never tell what they are experiencing.

This is a remote location since there is only one ferry that travels to the island. To get to Koh Chang, many tourists use the bus, usually from Bangkok or Pattaya to one of the ports.


Due to its past as one of the capital towns of the Kingdom of Siam, Ayutthaya, which is located just north of Bangkok, is one of the most well-known cities in Thailand. Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, currently includes the ruins. There are several statues, temples, and palaces at this archaeological site.

Menam, Lopburi, and Pasak rivers all intersect at the park’s location, which is an island. Here, you may spend days discovering the region’s rich past.

Due to its breathtaking beauty, the Buddhist temple known as Wat Chaiwatthanaram is one of the park’s most frequented locations. Its architectural remains from the seventeenth century are actually extremely well-preserved, and its location on the riverside is incredibly serene.

The most significant temple on the property is Wat Phra Si Sanphet, which lies across the river. The Burmese completely pillaged it, yet hundreds of tiny Buddha images were spared. They are currently on display in the National Museum in Bangkok. However, many of the Buddhas from Ayutthaya have since been dispersed.

Another well-known Buddha statue may be found in Ayutthaya, with its stone head enmeshed in a tree’s roots. The head of the Buddha ended up in a developing tree when its temple was abandoned, possibly following the Burmese invasion, during which time many Buddha statues were knocked over and broken. The tree has encircled the head over many centuries, producing an iconic sight that is still considered sacred.

Renting a bike and riding around the ruins of Ayutthaya is the greatest way to explore all of its riches. From Bangkok, it is simple to enjoy a tour of the historic city.

Since there is so much to see, it is advised to stay at minimum one night here. Baan Luang Harn has a great reputation and has a garden and pool.

Hua Hin

One of the nicest destinations to visit in Thailand is the charming coastal city of Hua Hin, which used to be the summer home of the Thai royal family. You will first come across this section of the beach as you move from the province of Phetchaburi to Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Hua Hin is a sophisticated resort community with world-class eating, shopping, and golf. There are also traditional markets. Given its laid-back atmosphere, the friendliness of the locals, and accessibility, this is the perfect family getaway.

The area was significantly developed in the early 1920s when the royal family became interested in it and commissioned the construction of a palace. Visitors who enjoy admiring its Victorian architecture can now enter the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.

The distinctive Victorian-Thai design of the Hua Hin Train Station in Thailand makes it a fantastic Instagram subject. To snap a photo as a keepsake, you don’t need a ticket.

There are many markets where you may buy trinkets and delectable street cuisine. Handmade artwork can be seen at the Cicada Market. Fresh, inexpensive fish is offered for sale alongside other goods in the vibrant and wonderful Hua Hin Night Market.

Visitors also enjoy Plearn Wan Shopping Village’s retro 1960s design. There are stores, cafes, and outdoor movie theatres. Plan a day at the Vana Nava Water Jungle or the Black Mountain Water Park for intense family fun. At one or both of these water parks, you may cool off with water slides, a wave pool, a kids’ pool, and a lazy river.

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