Several Northern Areas Of Pakistan Receive Snow and Rain

To see the snowfall, visitors swarm Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, and Kalam. The temperature became quite chilly due to a recent rainstorm.

The weather got extremely chilly on Thursday due to snowfall in hilly portions of Swat, Orakzai district and its surrounding mountains, Abbottabad, and Galiyat, as well as rain in the plain areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In Swat, snowfall started early in the morning in high-altitude areas such as Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, Mankiyal, Pishmal, Kalam, Utror, Gabral, and Matiltan, and it persisted intermittently all day.

The temperature became quite chilly due to a recent rainstorm that started in the district’s plains, along with the Mingora, Khwazakhela, Matta, Kabal, and Barikot tehsils.

Living conditions for the locals in the snow-covered regions were made more difficult by the extreme cold brought on by the recent snowfall.

Visitors from Peshawar, Mardan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and other locations flocked to Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, and Kalam to view the snowfall in the meantime.

An Islamabad tourist who was enjoying snowfall with his family, said, “After proper planning in view of the weather forecast we reached Malam Jabba on Wednesday night and woke up the next morning to the snowfall excitement.”

The ski resort in Malam Jabba is popular with visitors in the winter because it provides them with a variety of enjoyable sports, such as skiing, tubing, snow sliding, and chairlift rides.

Abbottabad had below-freezing temperatures on Thursday while heavy snowfall and showers fell in Galiyat.

The personnel has been instructed by the Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) to be watchful and clear the Abbottabad-Nathiagali road of snow.

The snow removal work would continue to maintain the roads open to vehicles, according to GDA spokesman Ahsan Hameed, and all facilities would be made available to tourists.

In Nathiagali and Changla Gali, where traffic police and members of Rescue 1122 have been stationed, control rooms are completely operational.

While the traffic officers issued a warning for tourists to drive extremely cautiously on the mountainous roads, many travellers took advantage of the snowfall.

Our reporter in Kohat said that in addition to rainfall in the plains rendering the weather chilly on Thursday, the entire Orakzai district and its neighbouring mountains of Darra Adamkhel, Sher Kot, Dana Khula, and Mohammadzai town of Kohat experienced their first snowfall of the year.

After the commencement of the rain on Wednesday, the region is still experiencing extremely cold conditions that force residents to stay inside.

In order to keep their homes and livestock warm, residents of Orakzai and certain parts of Kohat burned coal and wood that they had gathered from the neighbouring forests, according to Khan Zaman, a local resident.

Heavy snowfall fell across the entirety of Orakzai, including Kalaya, Mamozai, Dabori, Samana, Tirah, Mishti Mela, and Sampog. This snowfall persisted up until the time this report was filed.

On Thursday, the protracted dry spell in Swabi was broken by the first winter rain.

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