Salon Review: Zara’s Salon

In search of a place which delivers in terms of both Great Service and pays strict attention to hygiene?

Zara’s Salon is your go-to spot for a relaxing salon ambiance when you enter you are met with a crisp white interior, sparkling tiled floors.



The staff was quite welcoming as well, brownie points for this. Moving onto the services which were availed; Janssen Facial(Acne) and Pedicure.




Janssen Facial

To start off with, the ambiance set for the Facial room was quite serene, with a scented candle lit which added to the soothing ambiance. The lady dealing with the facial, who had an expertise in it, Shazia, did an amazing job.

The facial had many steps involved in it. The core steps were three in total, but within those three steps, there were many other elements involved as well. The facial lasted for more than an hour, providing utmost relaxation and making the skin glow, quite literally; towards the end of it.


The steps involved were namely Moisturization, Skin Polish, Exfoliation, a massage (this was a face and upper body massage, which consisted of a back massage as well)Scrubbing, Blackhead Removal and lastly the face mask itself, this was a full packed facial mask covering both the eyes and lips,.Hence targetting every area of the face and not leaving any area uncatered to.

Shazia, paid special heed to the comfort and ambiance at all times, not having unnecessary chatter either, as most staff in parlors do. She was pretty to the point and answered all my queries regarding the facial and its steps, she described the products being at every step of the way, as well.






The pedicure stations are well made, the staff was also quite courteous and seemed well skilled. However, The manicure stations were not separately made, when inquired the owner said they are being worked upon and are underway.

The steps involved in this were pretty straightforward as with most pedicures. Filing the nails, hard buffing(contrary to the medium grit buff-which parlors usually use) this helps in getting rid of the dead skin and leaves the nails shining), dipping the feet in the lukewarm-hot water, Exfoliating the soles fo the feet,a jelly-like consistency scrub and cuticle removal. Again the staff was very responsive to any queries during the pedicure.

Rizwana Khan, the owner herself was quite cooperative and she told us about the history of the salon,it has been functioning since ten long years and different treatments are applied on different skin types,skin consultations are also given by  her,her daughter Zara also possess an expertise in makeup.

If you’re in search of a place which delivers in terms of both services and pays attention to hygiene,Zaras salon should be on your list for a pampering session!