Sals The Eatery – Food Review

This new thing in town has gained its attention brilliantly. Here is a review of this to-be-grand restaurant. Check it out.

So, out for a scrumptious meal, Rafay and I headed out to this amazing place called Sals. Well, located at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Phase 6, Sals is not a big restaurant but is justifiable. Easy sitting, comfortable benches and good food made the place quite good to be at.

As we enter, the raw ambiance is quite inviting. With grey walls and wooden furniture, there are red pipes, for the wiring which adds up to give the ambiance and sitting a 8/10 rating. If only they had more seating, this would have been 10/10, which we can hope for in the coming future.

We ordered food, the Chef’s choice basically. In appetizers we went for Mac n Cheese with a twist. AMAZING!! With the right amount of macaronis and cheese filled inside, that would be mouth filing and won’t fall off your hand, the dish was delicious and scrumptious.

Appetizers before food!
The scrumptious Mac n Cheese

The two burgers that we ordered were Holy Smoke and their Gold-Fashioned Burger. And THEY WERE ASTOUNDING. Actually the burgers weren’t big in size, but were yet fulfilling somehow.

Holy Smoke:

A beef burger, with beef without even a slightest smell, along with onion rings, cheese, special BBQ Sauce and other vegetables, all under two soft bus which seemed quite fresh.


Gold-Fashioned Burger:

In beef again, this was a comparatively simple work, with special sauces and vegetables.


The most amazing thing about the restaurant, which actually impressed us, was that the owners were the Chefs at night time. They made the food themselves and served it to the customers on their own. At the end they also cleaned the table up and collected cash. The simplicity was phenomenal.

Well if you want good food, and a peaceful atmosphere, go eat at Sals right now! Trust me, you will love it. Just by the way, here is the menu attached. Ciao!

Sal's Menu KarachiSal's Menu Karachi