The Iconic Saxophonist

Do you know about Lenny Massey who played at Salt Arts? Well he is a saxophonist and this is amazing!

Pakistani saxophonist Lenny Massey performed at an exclusive monsoon edition of The South Asian Ensemble organized by Salt Arts. The event took place at Beach Luxury Hotel on 27th August 2019.

Performing their rendition of famous songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and A.R. Rehman’s, Massey as part of The South Asian Ensemble played various instruments including the saxophone, being a saxophonist, keyboard and clarinet. When asked about his experience of collaborating with Salt Arts, Massey adds, “I have been associated with Salt Arts since they launched. Have to say, it’s always been a good experience collaborating with various artists.”
For The South Asian Ensemble, Lenny Massey collaborated with other famous musicians including the likes of Ahsan Bari, Nimra Rafiq, Quaid Ahmed, Anas, Abdul Aziz, Omran Shafique to name a few.
Lenny Massey is notably known as the only living iconic saxophonist of Pakistan, more for his dynamic personality.

A self-taught musician, Massey started playing the keyboard and saxophone at the age of 8 years. Today he has a music career spanning over 17 years and has performed with various artists both nationally and internationally. Charged with the aim of creating more saxophonists in Pakistan, Massey has also been teaching music in various schools including NAPA, Bayview Academy, Links International and more. Massey does not only limit himself to the saxophone, instead he also plays other instruments, including the piano, keyboard, guitar, clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and is currently learning the violin.
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