About Hurricane Dorian

A category 5 storm has hit Bahamas and might hit California. This storm is going to be a disaster and God knows what might happen next.

Coastlines are always a danger to the cities located right besides them. Islands, located in middle of the sea, have the highest probability of danger. Developing in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Dorian is moving towards Bahamas with Category 5 intensity. Last time a Category 5 hit the cities with a wind speed of 285km/hr which was back in 2005. The results back then were horrific.

The destruction after a category 5 hurricane!

One can identify the intensity by the fact that the waves being made by the storm were 18-20 ft above the normal wave height. Probability of moving westwards, North & South California, Florida and Georgia have have declared emergency. Although Bahama regularly faces storms, Hurricane Dorian has proved to be a severe case and evacuation has been ordered by the government. Few of the residents chose to stay.

“I can only say to them, that I hope this is not the last time they will hear my voice and may God be with them” said Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

Due to this catastrophic weather, around 600 flights have been cancelled to and fro United
States of America. Alongside that, Port Canaveral has also closed its port, which was the second busiest port that offers cruise ships.

Well, the hurricane is no where near Pakistan, however we all should pray for the people there in the effected or to be effected cities. People might lose their loved one, and might see their homes blow away. Lets all pray for them because at the end of the day we are all human beings.


May God have mercy on them. Ameen.