Backyard Poultry Initiative by Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan's backyard poultry initiative will distribute 5million chickens to eradicate poverty and malnutrition.

Prime Minister Imran Khan started this initiative called Backyard Poultry. His idea is to provide 5 million chickens to the citizens at a very subsidized rates. The chickens will be provided to rural areas across the country including Azaad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. The citizens will get pre-vaccinated high laying chickens Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan inaugurated this project on Monday.

In short, the reason to start this initiative is to target poverty and malnutrition which is increasing. Total cost of the project is 1.6m out of which 30 percent will be borne by federal governments and the rest will be borne by beneficiaries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said:

“This programme is one of the government’s steps for provision of animal protein and other food nutrients to malnourished population. It is with immense pleasure that I am inaugurating the Backyard Poultry Project today. Under the project, five million vaccinated chickens would be distributed at subsidised rates among all and sundry,”

This initiative is supposed to reduce the malnutrition which is caused due to lack of protein. Providing proteins at a very low cost will result in eradicating this issue to some extent. Similarly, the issue of poverty will also be targeted as many people will start earning. Comparatively, Pakistan is a country where there are malnourished children in great quantity. Backyard Poultry will hopefully help in reducing this number and resolving this issue.

Mehboob Sultan said:

“We need concrete steps to address the issues in infants and achieve zero hunger target.”

It’s also a great project for women who live in villages. This will help them to grow economically and become more independent. As a developing country, Pakistan needs to focus on the areas which needs some attention.

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