Sedusa- The Mini Spa: An Experience You Need To Have!

In need of a relaxing day at the spa? Sedusa- The Mini Spa is the place for you!

In need of a relaxing day at the spa? Sedusa- The Mini Spa is the place for you!

What makes your experience better at any spa is the way you are treated and whether or not the people and environment make you feel safe and at ease. Sedusa came into existence with both of these things in mind, which is why it has a regular and committed clientele who knows this is the place to go when they need to unwind from the everyday hassle that life has to offer.

The team of Runway Pakistan had the pleasure of visiting Sedusa and it was an experience worth remembering. Before we get into the details about their services, we asked Mona, the owner of the spa, to tell us a little back story and this is what she had to say:

“Being an introvert and absolutely terrified of crowded spaces I felt the need to build a serene, private place where one could indulge in a spa experience without the regular chaos. For me it mostly was what I would want as a client, the entire process of building this space was more from a client’s perspective rather than a service provider, hence everything from our dim lit interior to our appointments only policy is to ensure that anyone who comes to ‘Sedusa’ feels absolutely comfortable and a priority.”

From the moment we entered to the time we left, the staff treated us with care and hospitality. While chatting with the manager upon our arrival, we were served drinks and that instantly made us feel welcomed.

For the hair treatment, we opted for the Aloe Honey Organic Hair Treatment and Loreal Absolute Repair Hair Mask. Both the treatments started off with a hot oil hair massage which was extremely soothing which allowed us to leave the work stress behind and give ourselves a break. The massage was followed by Aloe Honey hair mask for me while my teammate Sara was treated with a Loreal Total Repair hair mask.

The hair masks stayed in our hair for over an hour and during that time we got to enjoy our mani-pedi. We both went for the Cocoa Butter Pedicure, a speciality of Sedusa. The cocoa butter scrub acted as an exfoliator which stripped away all the dead skin from our feet and left them feeling soft. The foot massage included in the pedi was something we really enjoyed.

As for the manicure, we opted for the OPI and Essie manicure. The procedures were almost the same for both manicure’s, the only difference were the products which were being used. For the ESSIE manicure, a hand mask was applied at the end which was later covered with a hot towel for locking in moisture. Once the mani pedi was over, our nails (plus our hands and feet) looked clean and presentable. Every girl needs a good mani-pedi once a month, that’s for sure.

Then it was time for the back oil massage, which was my personal highlight of the whole experience. The girls really put in an effort to give their best with the massage with knowledge of the pressure points and continuously asking if we were comfortable and having a good time. When I was done with the massage, I felt rejuvenated and like I have just woken up from a long, relaxing nap.

After washing our hair, they blow dried it and my hair has never felt this soft! I kept touching and running my fingers through my hair, excited by how soft and silky it felt. The same results experienced by Sara and we both had big smiles on our faces after we left the spa.

I would rate our overall experience a 4.5 out of 5, definitely recommend everyone to give Sedusa a try. It’s worth every penny!