Services We Offer

We offer a number of services which can be viewed below:

  1. Digital & Social Media Promotion:
    Runway Pakistan is an online publication service. We have our own website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we can give credible visibility and promotion to brands.
  2. Publications:
    Billboard Pakistan is a monthly lifestyle magazine. We cater to every type of genre as everything comes under the banner of lifestyle. We have previously worked with many big names and want to explore more while providing top-notch services.
  3. Production House:
    We also have a production house where we put in our creative thoughts to bring out visually appealing yet thought-provoking content in the form of TVCs and DVCs.
  4. Videography/Photography:
    Our team of experts also include photographers and videographers who use their vision and innovative ideas to come up with out of the box outcomes and results.

We’ve got everything under one name and only a touch away.