Shehzad Roy Sends Instruments To The Viral “Hunza Boy Band”

Shehzad Roy didn't know the viral video he shared was 10 years old but he finally found the talented boys and sent them the instruments with some help.

Twitter blew up on 11th August 2021, when Shehzad Roy posted a video of a few talented boys in Hunza playing music with some improvised musical instruments.

After posting the video, Shehzad Roy asked netizens for help in finding these gifted boys, so that he can send them instruments and they can practice playing music with professional instruments. In a recent video, he talked about when he was young and had a guitar but no distortion pedal. He said he still remembers when he got his first pedal from abroad because it wasn’t available locally.

Anupam Kher, an Indian Artist, also commented on the viral video on Twitter claiming the band is from India. On which Shehzad politely corrected the Indian artist, telling him these boys were from Hunza.

The artist’s determination of finding these talented boys lead to him finding them. On Twitter, he thanked his Managers, Asim and Asad, for helping him in finding these boys. He also found out that this video is 10 years old which means that these boys are much older now but still don’t have the right instruments to make music.

Shehzad collected instruments he deemed important with the help of his friends and sent these to Hunza using the Rider company which he also mentioned and thanked on his Twitter post. He explained how well he took care of these fragile instruments on the bumpy road and the instruments still reached safely with no damage caused.

The video Shehzad posted on Twitter also included a video of these boys, now all grown up, playing the same music using the instruments Shehzad sent them. And Kashif Nawaz, Founder of The Josh Brand, also thanked the generous artist.

Shehzad proved that in the internet world which is full of hate and jealousy, there are still people who want the world and internet to be a better place and strive to make it that way. He not only made the boys happy by sending in the instruments but also some other people.

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