Shocking News for Huawei Users

Unable to see Apple cripple, Mr. Donald Trump puts Huawei on blacklist, which gives the company a huge blow.

US Commerce Department, on the orders of Donald Trump, placed Huawei on the apparent Entity List, which is a trade blacklist, which results in the company not buying any parts or components from US, which basically means Android & Google too. YES ANDROID & GOOGLE.

Due this call, Google also had to suspend its business with Huawei, which means that no Huawei device will now be running on Android. Moreover, Huawei will now lose the access to update its smartphones to the newer version of Androids, which means no OS updates as well as no security updates for Huawei Smartphones. Why has this happened is quite clear, as Huawei is a Chinese brand while Apple is an American brand, and Huawei has been giving Apple a tough time in the market. American relations with China weren’t really good, and to give a slight blow to the country, such orders has been put forward, which might not be good for the Huawei users not only in China, but also around the globe.

On the other hand HiSilicon, Huawei’s right hand if you might say, stated that the company has ‘long been ready’ for such a scenario and has been preparing for more than six years in case Android might ban Huawei.

So all those who have bought Huawei, good luck fellas. And to those who are about to buy Huawei, watch out. Things might not turn in favor for Huawei.