“Smart Sandals” Invented by Pakistani Students

After Shanza Munir, Raheel and Abida created Smart Sandals to protect women

A PhD student from Tando Jam University, Raheel Sarwar, created smart sandals with his field partner Abida. These sandals are aimed to protect women from harassment and will track their location (given that they have the mobile app for it). These come after Shanza Munir invented smart shoes for blind people – these detect if anything is in the way for the radius of 200 cm.

How do the smart sandals work?

According to Raheel, there are sensors embedded within the sandals. He believes that the sandals would hint the woman with a tiny electric shock if there is anyone tries to harass her. The smart sandals come with hardened soles, which could be used as weapon.

What was the cost of creating these smart sandals?

The inventors claimed that around Rs. 12,000 had been invested in creating the sandals. They hope for investment from the Pakistani Government so that they could produce these on a large scale. According to their calculation, if the Government invests in these smart sandals, the cost would be saved by around Rs. 1500.

We wish to promote the talent of our youth and wish them all the best of luck with their endeavors.

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