Social Media In Outrage Over The Death Of A Lion At Karachi Zoo

Many on Twitter have voiced their outrage over the demise of a white lion at Karachi Zoo, with many calling for better protections and rights for animals.

The news of a white lion dying at Karachi Zoo has sparked massive outrage across social media platforms.

According to official reports, the lion had died due to the collapse of it lungs caused by pulmonary tuberculosis. Despite care being given by veterinarians, the lion was unable to survive.

The lion’s death had elicited a strong reaction from people online. Many were expressing their fury over the poor treatment and negligence of the animals at the zoo.

Here are just some of these tweets highlighting the anger of our citizens;

Many have voiced their desire for the complete closure of zoos. These people believe that such institutions have repeatedly failed at protecting animals and thus should be shut down.

Many from within the entertainment industry have expressed their anger at the poor treatment of the lion by authorities.

The incident led to the the removal of Khalid Hashmi from the position of Director at Karachi Zoo. He was then replaced by Mansoor Qazi.  The appointment was made by the Metropolitan Commissioner Afzal Zaidi.

However, it will take a lot more to change the sad conditions of animal rights in the country. We urge authorities to take strict actions to help ensure greater protection and welfare for animals.

Until our authorities do not take matters more seriously, such incidents will likely occur in the near future.

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