Social Media Is Making People Less Interactive

Social media has become a modern day obsession for many people. This article highlights how social media is making people become less interactive.

The obsession people have with social media can be toxic. People start developing borderline creepy habits like stalking. They start comparing their looks to others, which in return causes them to develop a negative body image. However, the biggest drastic effect of social media obsession is perhaps causing people to become less interactive with others in the real world.

Today’s modern era has been characterized by people’s obsession with social media. (Source:


People are spending less time interacting with one another. People are so obsessed with their social media feed that they do not notice or hear what the other person is saying. In today’s day and age, people are unable to keep the conversation going. They engage mostly in small talk and then go back to checking their social media feed. This is making people become less interactive in real life.

Social media is affecting people’s ability to have long conversations with others. (Source:


People are so engaged in checking their social media that they fail to hear other people’s conversations clearly. Their social media obsession has severely damaged their attention span. This can be seen throughout universities. People spend so much time on their social media that they are not able to focus on what is being taught in lectures, thereby making these lectures less interactive.

Social media making people less attentive in classes. (Source:


Family interactions are becoming less and less common. People spend more time on social media than they are interacting with their families. In the past, children use to spend more time interacting with their parents. However, in recent times these conversations are becoming less common. Parents and children alike spend their times going through their social media posts rather than spending their time interacting with one another.

Social media is making kids less interactive with their family. (Source:


Interactions with neighbours are becoming a thing of the past. Previously, children use to spend time playing sports with other children of the neighbourhood. Nowadays, children are more occupied with their social media feed rather than interacting with their own neighbours.

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