STEM Education: Taking the World by Storm.

As the world progresses and adopts new methodologies, so should Pakistan's educational system. STEM education is the step to a bigger and brighter future!

We all want our kids to excel when it comes to education, every parent wants their child to be the best and perform exceptionally whether that is in sports, gaming, or academics.

Our traditional Pakistani curriculum systems lack the thorough application of interactive teaching as well as efficient methodologies adopted by newer systems. Don’t you want your child to absorb everything he/she learns, while actually understanding what is going on instead of simply memorizing just for the sake of marks?

Our systems are overloading children or students with information after information without considering that they may need some time to process and understand first before moving on to the next topic or subject. In order for the student to excel, they have to first grasp the concept, fully comprehend it, and be able to use it in similar real-life situations. However, our educational systems mainly focus on completing the given syllabus with little regard for real-life applications.

What is STEM Education?

STEM is basically an educational curriculum that is based on teaching the children four basic branches of academics which are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It focuses entirely on engaging the children and making education interactive, where the child basically learns how to use these four subjects accurately in real life. STEM basically merges all four of these subjects into one cohesive learning module.

Why is STEM Important in Pakistan?

As we have established earlier, what distinguishes STEM from traditional curriculum systems is their interactive learning system; they create real-life situations in order to stimulate learning and encourage the students to accurately apply these subjects in relevant situations.

Here are a few reasons as to why STEM is important for us:

  • It promotes creativity amongst the child; by teaching them how to use these subjects together and appropriately in different real-life situations.
  • Encourages experiments by providing multiple situations and different solutions for each and every situation, the child learns to try new methods and to keep changing his or her approach towards things.
  • Moreover, it promotes teamwork through its interactive education curriculum system. It teaches the students to work together and complete tasks as a team, rely on each other, etc.
  • STEM also produces problem-solving abilities, it stimulates critical thinking and enables the student to actively tackle issues and come to solutions.

STEM Education in Pakistan

STEM education is yet to take over the Pakistani educational curriculum, however, we strongly believe that it should. It is exactly what students today need, a few such startups are trying to promote STEM education in Pakistan through different channels and applications.

eMagine aims to do just that! With eMagine and its robotic kits, they aim to promote healthy and efficient learning within the children. They claim that their kits promote interactive learning and challenge the kid to use their brain in solving those kits and building new structures.

They are bound to make your child’s thought process more critical, creative, and resilient. If you wish to reduce your child’s screen time and get them busy in something more productive and engaging? Then

eMagine’s robotic kits are probably the best choice for you.

Apart from STEM education for children, eMagine also hosts many visionaries for adults such as digital marketing courses or many more.

You can visit eMagine’s Facebook page for more information.

Or visit their shop to purchase the robotic kits.

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Posted by eMagine on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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