Steps Which Should Be Included in a Skincare Routine According to Dermatologists

This will help you in creating your at-home skincare routine which will be effective for your skin type and skin problems.

Focus is now shifting from having good makeup products to having a quality skincare routine that will make your skin, the canvas, smooth for makeup or no makeup days.

With people having and following intensive skincare routines the steps have gotten quite complicated taking the routine to 8 to 10 steps. These kinds of routines make it hard to figure out the important steps of a skincare routine but you need to start with the three most important steps which are cleansing, treating and moisturising.


In your skincare routine, this should be the first step as it helps with cleaning the skin before putting on any treatment and help clear the skin of any pollutants and excess oils which can make skin look dull and block pores. But this process has to be gentle as cleansing rigorously can damage the skin. And people with sensitive skin can cleanse in their nighttime routine and rinse with water in the morning.


This step includes the serums and creams for your eyes and face which will help you with your concerns like Retinol, Niacinamide, Vitamin C and more. This depends on your skin so it is important that you know your skin type and the problems you wanna target. This step usually contains 3 main products toner, serum and eye cream.


This isn’t an important product for your skincare routine but if you want to get fresher looking skin, balance the pH and clear out the skin from pollutants from the environment then this will help. For dry skin try finding a hydrating and soothing toner with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and for acne-prone skin stick to toners containing AHA, BHA and PHA.


Serum help treat your skin concerns and protect your skin. The best serum you can find is something with Vitamin C as it helps deal with several skin problems like pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Although there are several other serums you can use like hyaluronic acid which helps with dry skin.

Eye Cream 

This is the most important part of a skincare routine. The skin around the eye part is quite delicate and have no oil glands to help while facing all the problems first as well because they get wrinkles, fine lines and stress via dark circles.


The moisturizer comes at the end as it is a heavier formula and an important part of the skincare routine. You can go light on moisturizers if you have oily skin but for dry skin, it is important that your moisturizer is helping you keep your skin hydrated.


This should be the most essential part of the skincare routine. Sunscreen protects from sun damage which leaves skin with several problems. So even when you think it’s cloudy outside or you’re indoors you should always apply SPF and keep reapplying regularly.

*This article should not be used in replacement of the doctor’s recommendation. Always consult your dermatologist before starting any skincare product.

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