Suspect in Dr. Maha’s Death Case Tried to Escape

As developments in Dr. Maha's death case progress; two main suspects tried to flee from the court after being denied interim bail.

On August 18th, 2020, a suicide case surfaced in Pakistan; a girl named Maha who was working in a private hospital in Karachi, allegedly shot herself in her house as reported by the police. The investigative teams were quick to judge and closed the case soon after, ruling Dr. Maha’s death as a suicide.

However, after many screenshots and audio recordings emerged on social media, people started to speculate whether her death was suicide. Dr. Maha’s father took to the news and authorities claiming that his daughter had not committed suicide and that the men who were responsible for Dr. Maha’s death are manipulating the system.

There were three prime suspects in Dr. Maha’s death case; Junaid Khan, Waqas Hussain Rizvi, and Dr. Irfan Qureshi. All three of these people were arrested in Dr. Maha’s case. The victim’s father claims that Junaid and Waqas paid off the doctor to change his daughter’s reports and stage it as a suicide.

Furthermore, he says that his daughter was mentally unwell because she was in an abusive relationship with Junaid Khan which had taken a great toll on her. Junaid was said to extremely abusive; physically and mentally. He was also seen blackmailing the victim when screenshots of Dr. Maha’s chats surfaced. All this eventually leading to Dr. Maha’s death.

The three suspects were eventually booked for Dr. Maha’s death and this Monday, 21st September, a hearing was held to decide whether the suspects were to be granted interim bail. The judge, Samina Ghauri, announced her verdict and denied bail for both suspects; Junaid and Waqas. Once the verdict was announced and the hearing came to an end, both suspects attempted to flee from the court.

A video was uploaded to the social media where Junaid and Waqas can be seen running from the court in an attempt to escape after they were denied bail. Junaid was seen getting in a rikshaw and trying to escape the situation. Abbas Rizvi, advocate for the victim claimed that Junaid has a history of abuse and was previously implicated in 2 FIRs. We hope Dr. Maha’s death is soon avenged, the culprits are caught once again and given the punishment they deserve.

Culprit Junaid runs away from court, after being denied bail in Dr.Maha case | Runway Pakistan

After denied bail, Junaid and Waqas ran away from the court, as caught on camera, in the Dr. Maha suicide case! We hope that late Dr.Maha's family gets justice and the culprits get caught and jailed for this vicious act!#DrMaha #Junaid #runaway #InstaDaily #InstaGood #SuicideCase #Culprit #Missing #RunwayPakistan

Posted by RUNWAY PAKISTAN on Monday, September 21, 2020

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