Syra Yousuf and Palmolive are Battling Stereotypes This Women’s Day

Syra Yousuf became the face of Palmolive's International Women's day campaign which challenged the problems women face on a daily basis.

Every year, Women’s day is celebrated to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women from every sphere of life. Women come together on this day to rally for gender parity and to highlight all that women have achieved. While celebrating women, it is also important to raise awareness about all of the societal issues that are faced by them. In doing so, Palmolive Naturals came up with its women’s day campaign this year. Syra Yousuf became the face of Palmolive’s campaign which challenged the problems women face on a daily basis.

“Every day, women are subjected to so many unrealistic beauty stereotypes. This Women’s Day, Palmolive and I choose to challenge these and embrace everything that makes us the strong beautiful woman that we are!
So join me and #PalmoliveNaturals and let us know what stereotypes you choose to challenge?”

The stereotypes being challenged involve the three beauty stereotypes, the unrealistic beauty standards, the idea that women want to look flawless to be accepted, harsh words that leave scars deeper than other wounds, and the ‘weight of expectations to be a certain size’.

Syra Yousuf, the face of the campaign challenges all of the beauty stereotypes that have become a part of our society and are used to define women from time to time. A woman is not beautiful if she is not fair, tall, thin, and whatnot. These typical beauty standards have become so common that they have been adopted and internalized by people. They have caused a huge dent in everyone’s confidence causing a negative body image amongst so many women. Women are on the receiving end of many hurdles and obstacles in every phase of their lives and it is time that we acknowledge and battle these stereotypes.

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