The Best Lotus Desserts In Karachi That You Must Try

Lotus has become the go to delicacy that has been infused into many forms of desserts. We highlight some of the popular Lotus desserts in the city.

Lotus has now become the new Nutella. The reason why we say that, is because it is the core ingredient of so many different desserts.

Every other restaurant and cafe are now making desserts centered around the product. From cakes to cookies, Lotus has become the integral part of each of these sweet dishes.

Since there are so many Lotus inspired desserts, its hard to know which ones to try. Hence we have come up with this article that showcases some of the best Lotus desserts in town.

1)  Lotus Waffles from Swing

Best Lotus desserts in Karachi

Apart from its extremely flamboyant interior, the restaurant is also well known for its Lotus Waffles.

These waffles are not only served hot and crisp but are drizzled with Biscoff spread. This makes for a great irresistible bite that is sure to keep bringing sweet tooth lovers back for more.

However, this is not the only Lotus inspired dessert being made at the restaurant. They also produce a highly decadent Lotus Cheesecake.

2)  Lotus Cheesecake from Theatre Live Bakery And Cafe

The best Lotus desserts in Karachi

Despite being operative for less than a year, the cafe has created quite a buzz in town.

The gourmet food is described as unbelievably scrumptious and its desserts are highly raved about. One such dessert is their Lotus Cheesecake.

The dessert with its Biscoff spread on the top, the crushed biscuits on the side and the crunchy biscuit base on the bottom makes for such a relishing delight.

If one is a true Lotus fan, they must definitely try this dessert when visiting the joint.

3) Lotus French Toast from Coco 9 

The best Lotus desserts in Karachi

One of the premier food joints in town, Coco 9 offers some of the tastiest desserts for its customers.

Its breakfast selection is quite substantial with lots of different options for people to try. Its most signature breakfast dish is its Lotus French Toast.

The dish is crunchy on the outside but is tender and smooth on the inside. Add to it the Biscoff spread and a scoop of vanilla and you get a mouthful of sweetness that is sure to send you to the next level.

If your craving a candied breakfast, then you must try this dish when your here for a dine out.

4) Lotus Lava Cake from Delina 

The best Lotus desserts in Karachi

Since its inception in 2017, Delina has expanded from selling just ice creams to offering a vast number of desserts. These includes cookies and lava cakes.

One such popular lava cake is the Lotus Lava Cake. Served hot, the cake contains a mixture of Biscoff spread and chocolate that tantalizes one’s taste buds. The scoop of ice cream on the side helps provide diners with an enriching taste.

Next time your in town, make sure to give this place a visit.

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