COCO 9 Cafe- A Treat To Our Taste-buds!

Situated within a cozy little space of Clifton is a hidden treasure; Coco 9 cafe and Patisserie.

From the first glance, you may deem it to be a place solely renowned for desserts, but they’ve got lots more to offer which is equally scrumptious and leaves you wanting more in spite of the wholesome portion. We were just in time for breakfast, or rather a late brunch- and opted for the breakfast menu.

We asked the servers to talk us through their running dishes on the menu, after naming a few we decided on opting for a Breakfast croissant and Lotus Biscoff French toast.

The restaurant and patisserie also makes an array of freshly baked bread on a daily basis and numerous desserts ranging from tarts, cakes to biscotti and a multitude of flavored macaroons which are available at all times and are ready to purchase at any given time.

The order arrived promptly and during the wait, we were served with some healthy detox water with mint leaves and thinly cut lemon slices, which helped in refreshing our palette and not to forget; it was on the house. Win-win situation right there.

Whilst seated at the restaurant we also noticed that Coco 9 is celebrating its first anniversary on the 11th of January and are offering great discounts and an exclusive menu specially designed for the anniversary.


On upon entering the restaurant one discovers that there is a chalkboard with the specials menu and outside sitting area right across. Currently, there’s also a lovely Christmas tree still up, a great spot for some fabulous pictures!

There is also an indoor sitting area and a display of freshly baked tarts, macaroon and delectable cakes next to the counter which will make your mouth water instantly. There is also a display of the range of biscotti and meringue which is packed in airtight containers ready to go! Also, the lovely LED sign really caught our eye.The aqua blue vespa was a unique touch which really made the place stand out!


We ordered two items from the breakfast menu. Breakfast croissant and Lotus Biscoff French Toast. The price points are fairly nominal and not through the roof considering the quality ingredients which are used.

The breakfast croissant consisted of freshly baked croissant bread made in-house, which had a perfect golden brown color with a crisp exterior and was flaky in texture. It was completely loaded to the brim, with no compromises on the filling. The sharp cheddar placed atop the eggs cut through the saltiness. This was accompanied with creamy sausages and rocket leaves with a tangy dressing on the sidelines, further accentuating the flavor.

The Lotus Biscoff French toast was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup with deliciously crispy edges and a succulent lotus biscoff filling which helped in tackling the extra sweetness.

One thing which will definitely make us go back for more is, the amalgamation of fresh ingredients with contrasting textures and flavors which are in perfect harmony to create a form that tastes like no other.


What seals the deal for us is the friendly and enthusiastic service staff and which is full of smiles, it is hard not to love this quaint little patisserie and restaurant.

Another thing we discovered was the restaurant stocks up on local produce from different vendors in order to give them decent enough exposure, a few of vendors they stock from are Karachi Candle company, Hazara Honey and Soul Food. Catering whether it be small scale or large scale is also done by this cafe along with dessert tables at weddings

To sum it up, Coco 9 is a place with fabulous service and absolutely finger licking good food sweet and savory both. Want a cozy place which will leave your taste buds satisfied? This is the place to be!