The Best Pakistani Instagram Travel Pages To Follow

Travel vloggers have the ability to encourage people to explore the world. This article highlights some of the best Instagram travel pages to follow.

For many people, to travel around the world can be an enriching experience. It allows people to have greater knowledge about the world and the various different cultures that exist. It also allows people to have a greater understanding of the country that they are visiting. For instance, helping eradicate any form of negative notion that a traveler might have of the particular country. Travel Volggers play an immensely important role in helping to educate people about the cultures of different countries and helping to eradicate any negative preconceived notion that people may have of that country. Here are some of the best Instagram travel pages to follow.

Umer Khan:

Also going by the name UKHANO, Khan has used his Instagram and YouTube channel to promote the beauty and tranquility of Pakistan. His photos depicting some of the most gorgeous sights and scenery of Pakistan has helped him garner more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. If you want to get a glimpse of some of the best hidden treasures that Pakistan has to offer, you must definitely give check out this guy’s Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Umer Khan (Ukhano) showcasing the beauty of Pakistan through his vlogs. (Source: Facebook/ Ukhano)

Mahvish Ahmed:

A mother of two and blogger, Ahmed is also an enthusiastic traveler. Through her vlogs, she showcases many of her followers the ease of traveling around the world with small children. Her vlog consists of photos depicting the wonderful sights and scenery of Europe. Through her vlog, she hopes to inspire other married moms to give travel vlogging a shot.

Mahvish Ahmed’s travel images can be seen on her Instagram page. (Source:

Anam Hakeem:

A travel enthusiast, Anam Hakeem has explored large portions of the world. Through her travel vlogs, she has managed to make people become eager to travel and explore the world on their own. From the streets of Chicago to the beaches of Mexico, she has captured the beauty and tranquility of many corners of the globe. She has also helped highlight the majestic beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas.

Anam Hakeen showcases her travel adventures on Instagram. (Source: Facebook/ Express Tribune Life and Style)

Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq Khan:

Regarded as Pakistan’s first travel couple, Baweja and Khan have traveled around much of the country showcasing some of the most beautiful and scenic sites that the country has to offer. From the mountains of the north to the deserts of the south, they do a great job at capturing the diverse natural beauty that the country posses.

Explore the sights and scenery of Pakistan with these two. (Source:

Huma Tariq:

Another solo travel vlogger, Huma Tariq has used her online presence to encourage many of her followers to explore this beautiful nation. Images of the Sharan Forest and Deosai National Park in Skardu help showcase the natural beauty of Pakistan. Through her vlogs, she hopes to encourage more people to give solo traveling a shot.

Huma Tariq uses her Instagram pages to showcase her travel adventures across the country. (Source:
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