The Best Places For Hi-Tea In Karachi

Hi-teas have lately grown in popularity, as many women are organizing more and more such events. This article highlights the best places to host a hi-tea.

Hi-Teas have become the biggest craze that has been going around the city. Hi-Teas have become so common now, that many cafes and restaurants are advertising themselves as the best places for women to host hi-teas. However, deciding on which is the best place to organize a hi-tea is difficult. Hence, we have come out with an article which highlights the best places to organize a hi-tea.


One of the best fine dine restaurants around, Ambrosia is not just an amazing place where one can have a wonderful dinner. It has also slowly become an outstanding place for hi-tea. With a wide range of dishes from across the world, their diverse menu provides customers with a wide variety of food options for hi-tea. Some of their popular hi-tea dishes include Turkey Sandwiches, Smoke Salmon Canopies and Quiche Lorraine.

Ambrosia offers the best hi-tea. (Source: Facebook/Ambrosia)

Asia Live:

Avari Tower’s most popular go to restaurant, Asia Live has become the most popular place for women to host hi-teas. Asia Live offers a wide variety of cuisines from which to choose from, making it an ideal place for hosting a hi-tea. The live music helps enhances the dining experience and makes the ambiance more pleasant. Asia Live offers the best of both Pakistani and various international cuisines, thus making it one of the best places to host a hi-tea.

Asia Live offers a wide range of food options as a part of its hi-tea menu. (Source: Facebook/ Avari Towers)

Chatterbox Deli:

The go to dining choice for many of the city’s residents, Chatterbox Deli has established themselves as the standard bearer in continental cuisine. Apart from being a top choice for lunches and dinner, it has also emerged as one of the best places for hi-tea. Their hi-tea menu has a wide variety of Pakistani and Continental dishes such as Samosa Chaat, Aloo Bhaji and Paratha, Chicken Wings and Mini Pizzas.

Chatterbox Deli offers some of the tastiest dishes as part of their hi-tea menu. (Source: Facebook/Chatterbox Deli)


Koel has become one of the popular places for dining due to its amazing array of food. Their menu consists of dishes from different cuisines. Their flavorful dishes make it one of the most the desired dining places to host a hi-tea. Some of the dishes that make their hi-tea menu sound intriguing include their wide selection of coffees as well as their different dessert dishes such as Banofee Pie and Creme Brulee.

Koel’s hi-tea is highly well regarded. (Source: Facebook/Koel Cafe)


One of the popular gourmet cafes in the city, Pantry provides some of the tastiest continental dishes around. The cafe aims to provide its customers with the best food that they could possibly have. The cafe has also emerged as one of the best hi-tea places in the city. Their hi-tea menu consists of a wide variety of soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas that would make customers keep coming back for more.

Pantry’s scrumptious sandwiches are a part of their hi-tea. (Source: Facebook/Pantry)


Regarded as one of the best pan-Asian restaurants in the city, Tao has become the popular dining option for many of the city’s residents. Tao consists of some of the best dishes from across the far east and aims to project itself as the golden standard in pan-Asian cuisine. If your a fan of Asian cuisine, you will definitely love their hi-tea menu which consists of some of the best sushi, noodles and prawns you could ever have.

Tao’s Asian inspired hi-tea. (Source: Facebook/ Tao-Pan Asian Cuisine)

The Patio:

Commencing its operations in 2009, the cafe specializes in both Pakistani and continental cuisine. With its diverse menu option, it offers some of the best food options for lunch and dinner in the city. Their hi tea menu offers a diverse range of food options from Continental to Pakistani. These dishes include Fish Fingers, Paneer Shashlik, Beef Teriyaki and Sriracha Chicken Sliders.

Patio is highly popular hosting place for such an event. (Source: Facebook/The Patio)
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