Hareem Shah’s Father Apologies For Her Controversial Videos

Hareem Shah's father releases a video where he's seen apologising for his daughter's controversial videos that are putting the nation's integrity at stake.

Hareem Shah, a famous TikTok star, is known for her controversial videos. She is a sensation on the app with thousands of followers and admirers. Her videos have gained many views due to the nature of their content. Earlier in October, she got herself tangled into a major controversy which put her under the spotlight.

The major controversy was her video in which she was seen roaming around in a conference room at the Ministry of Affairs. The Prime Minister also took necessary actions after this video and inquired about the matter. She made headlines after this video and obviously got a lot of attention along with her friend, Sundal Khattak.

Recently, her father posted a 12-minute long video addressing all the people who were affected by her content. He introduced himself as Zarar Hussain, father of Hareem Shah. He also mentioned that Hareem’s real name is Fiza Hussain.

As the video went on, he broke into tears while apologizing to the viewers and the ones who are affected by her videos. He mentioned that he sent his daughter to an Islamic education institution where she completed her course of an Aalma. 

“I sent her to the standard religious institute where she completed her education with good marks and became Aalma… I did everything I could do as a father, but she disappointed me.”

He further says that the videos his daughter has put up are endangering the integrity of the nation. He wishes to regain his daughter back and also prays to Allah for her guidance. He said:

“I pray to Allah to make my daughter Fiza Hussain again from Hareem Shah and May Allah give her guidance,”

Hareem Shah has mentioned on different platforms that she has received many death threats. She has haters and also many admirers.

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