The Best Mattress Brands In Pakistan

Usually it is difficult to decide which is the best brand of mattress to buy. This article highlights which brands of mattresses are the best

People look for mattresses that offer maximum comfort and ensure the best sleep that a person could possibly get. However, deciding on which brand of mattress to buy can be difficult. To ease people’s difficulty in choosing which brand to buy, we have come out with a list that highlights the best brands of mattresses for people to buy.

Diamond Foam:

One of the most trusted and popular brand in mattresses, Diamond Foam offers the best quality mattresses in the market. For more than forty years, Diamond Foam has been the golden bearer for top quality mattresses. They have been considered the top quality brand in comfort. Their wide range of mattresses include Diamond Supreme Foam and Dolce Vita, both of which offer the highest comfort and relaxation to their clients.

Diamond foam’s Dolce Vita offers the best comfort. (Source: Facebook/ Diamond Supreme Foam)

UK Foam:

Another immensely popular mattress brand that has managed to capture the market by storm, UK Foam offers the best quality mattresses around. With over two hundred and fifty operations across the country, it has the largest reach within Pakistan than any other mattress company. UK Foam operates on the basis of ensuring that they design mattresses that offer their clients the best sleep that they could get. They offer both traditional and specialized mattresses to their clients.

The best quality mattresses from UK Foam. (Source: Facebook/ UK Foam)

Master Molty Foam:

Establishing their operations in 1963, the company has managed to form itself as one of the leading brands in mattress production. Their brands of mattress are considered one of the best in the country. They offer a wide range of top quality mattress products that include the American brand Celeste, which has become the best selling sleeping mattress product in the market. Master Molty Foam has helped establish itself in the market as the benchmark in comfort and luxury.

Master Molty Foam offers Pakistan’s first inclined therapy mattress. (Source: Facebook/Master Molty Foam)

Five Star Foam:

The mattress brand prides itself on providing the best quality mattresses in the market and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Its top quality mattresses have helped garner it lots of popularity among the masses. Their vision is to continue on their success and establish themselves as the best mattress brand in Pakistan.

Five Star Foam offers the best quality mattresses around. (Source: Facebook/ Five Star Foam)


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