The best places to satisfy your sweet tooth

This article helps to shed a spotlight on some of the best dessert places in the city that will help to satisfy your sweet tooth.

One of the most common activities to do in the city is going to different places to eat. Over the course of time, several restaurants and cafes have opened up. While some of these places serve gourmet food, some places have opened up that serve sweet dishes only. The article will highlight some of the best places to eat deserts.

Auntie Munaver’s Napoleon cake

Auntie Munaver’s Dessert and Savory:

One of the highly popular joints in town, this bakery has managed to attract several praises and positive reviews for its delicious and mouth watering desserts. Their cakes are highly sought after and are known to be some of the best in the city. Their most popular and sought after cake is their three milk cake. The spongy cake soaked in three different types of milk is a delight for many, hence why the bakery gets so many orders for this cake alone. Some of their other sought after items are red velvet cake, chocolate fudge cake and their different types of cheese cakes.

The Crave Bar’s doughnut cone.

The Crave Bar:

One of the newest joints in town, The Crave Bar has been attracting many Karachi residents to its joint. Their desserts are insanely sweet and would make you come back for more. Some of their desserts are not only tasty but highly innovative. These include cheese cake on a stick, each come in four different types of flavours, a fried float, pizookies, funnel cakes and their most popular item on the menu; the doughnut cone. Each comes with a different flavoured cone and different types of toppings.

Lal’s macaroons.


Located at Main Shahbaz, this tiny little cafe has managed to carve out its niche in the market. It is one of the go to places to buy cakes, brownies, pastries and cup cakes. Lal’s cakes are highly in demand for events such as weddings, birthdays, lunch and dinner parties. However, their most popular item on the menu is their luscious macaroons. Considered a French delicacy, Lal’s macaroons are considered one of the best in the city.

Karamel’s infamous chocolate chip cookies.



If your a cookie lover, this is the place for you to be at. Despite being new to the market, they have managed to take the market by storm. Their cookies are extremely delicious and are highly in demand. Their cookies come in different sorts of flavours ranging from chocolate chip and nutella, to white chocolate and red velvet. They have also come out with their own specially made cookie cakes. Their other items on the menu include ice creams and brownies.

D’OH’s insanely tasty churros.


For those who are fans of the highly popular Spanish delicacy churros, D’OH is the best place to try them out. Situated near Bukhari, the newly established joint is insanely popular because of its different style of churros that it has on offer. They have introduced Brazilian churros into the market, a style of churros with different flavoured fillings inside of them. Their brand of churros have become famous among the residents of the city. With this new found success, D’OH hopes to expand more in order to incorporate more items into their menu.

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