The Best Shoe Stores In The City

Karachi has some of the best variety when it comes to shoe shopping. The number of shoes stores in the city is endless. To help people decide where to shop, we have formed a list which entails some of the best shoe stores in the city.


One of the most popular shoe stores in the city, Bata sells some of the best shoes at the most reasonable prices. Bata has some of the best shoes collection for both men and women of all ages. They sell sports shoes, casual shoes and formal shoes of different colours. They even have a wide option of school shoes for children.

Bata offers some of the best shoe varieties for men and women. (Source: Facebook/ Bata)

Hush Puppies:

A highly popular international shoe brand, Hush Puppies has managed to make its mark on the shopping scene in Karachi. Hush Puppies sell a wide variety of beautiful formal shoes for men. They also sell some of their men’s sandals and slippers at less than five thousand, which is quite cheap. They also have a wide variety of shoe options for women, which include different coloured wedges, heels and pumps.

Hush puppies is one of the most highly popular shoe store in the city. (Facebook: Hush Puppies Pakistan)

Shoe Planet:

One of the go to places to buy shoes, shoe planet has an endless supply of some of the best shoes in town. They offer some very cheap moccasins, slippers and sandals. Their products are not only exclusive to men. The store also has a variety of shoe options for women ranging from heels to boots.

Shoe planet offers the top shoes at the most reasonable prices. (Facebook/ Shoe Planets)


Established in 2018 with the opening of its first store at Dolmen Mall, the Canadian shoe brand has become one of the most popular international shoe brand in Karachi. Aldo sells some of the most trendiest and stylish shoes around for both men and women. They have some of the most funkiest shoe designs in the city that would draw loads of people to their store.

Aldo is one of the popular international shoe stores in Karachi. (Source: Facebook/ Aldo Shoes Pakistan)


The high end shoe brand offers some of the best traditional designer shoes in the market. They offer different coloured flats for women. They also offer beautifully designed heels that come in an array of different colours and patterns. Apart from shoes, they also offer different designer handbags and jewelry related accessories.

Sulafah offers the best traditional shoe wears in the city. (Source: Facebook/ Sulafah)
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