The Forgotten Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel's constant atrocities on Palestinians have been marked in the history, but the major organizations like UN remains blindfolded still.

Amid the global tensions, many have stopped recalling the past conventional wars. Palestine, still is in a state of mess. Israel’s constant pressure on the country has made quite difficult for people to survive. What has become more of war zone for many different countries, Palestine is not home to the locals anymore. From airstrikes to usage of chemical weapons, what hasn’t the Palestinians gone through? Israel has used the most it could to take charge over that particular area, but hasn’t succeeded yet. Many people have lost their lives owing to this war.

According to reports, in 2019 only, Israel has killed around 149 Palestinians across the country. And what is even saddening to know is the figure includes 33 martyred kids. Few of these 149 were killed in Palestine while others became a target at the Gaza Strip. Israeli airstrikes took around 69 lives on the Gaza Strip only.

Palestinian calling out on an Israeli Solider

Moreover, Israel has also been holding Palestinian bodies, for no given reason. According to the reports, as for now, Israel has been holding around 306 bodies with them, illegally.

It is of no shock that countries can go to any measure when it comes to their own benefit. The situation in Gaza, Palestine, Israel and Syria has been going on for long now. What seems like is that Kashmir is going to add up in the list too, soon. War is never an option, but what should one country do when basic human rights are being severely violated? And why is United Nations not taking any proper action against it? Is UN all about allies, only?

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