Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The new year will see many new trends in various different fields, which includes interior design. This article highlights some of those latest trends.

The new year will see a rise in several trends across various different fields. Interior design will be no different. As part of this article, we will highlight some of the new trends in interior design to look out for this year.

Neutral Colours:

One trend to look out for this season is the rise in neutral colours when furnishing one’s house. People will no longer furnish their house using bright colours but would instead opt for more neutral colours such as white and grey. Their would be more emphasis on warm neutrals rather than cool neutrals.

A new trend of incorporating neutral colours in household refurnishing. (Source: Fresh Home)

Black and White Colours:

This year, there will be a greater emphasis on incorporating black and white colour into interior designing. For many people, they would like to incorporate such sort of light and dark contrast into their furnishing. An example of this can be white walls with black furniture.

A contrast of black and white colours in interior design. (Source: Residence Style)

Geometric Patterns:

These sorts of patterns are quite common nowadays. Hence, it comes as no surprise that such patterns and designs will be expected to be a continuing trend in 2020. These designs or patterns will be seen on wallpapers and titles as well as other types of furniture.

A new trend of incorporating geometric patterns. (Source: LuxDeco)

Floral Wallpapers:

Although an interior design trend that was popular back in the day, it is expected to be one of the popular interior design trends to look out for this year. Floral wallpapers containing floral patterns of different sizes and colour will become quite common in every household.

Floral wallpapers will become a new trend. (Source: Elle Decor)

Japanese Influences:

Another trend that will become popular in 2020 will be the incorporation of Japanese elements. For instance many of the patterns that would be seen in interior designing will be influenced by origami folds. There will also be use of a wood charring techniques called Shou Sugi Ban, indicating the growing Japanese influence in interior design.

Japanese influences will have a major impact on interior design in 2020. (Source: Interior Design Idea)
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