Are Animal Rights Considered in Pakistan?

While I was commuting back home, I saw this amazing women fighting over Animal Rights and well, she did what we should have done long ago.

We have always been fighting over women rights, men’s rights, and overall, human rights, but amongst all these fights, we have somewhere forgotten the rights of Animals, in the country. Sadly, we see people stoning dogs, we see people kicking cats, we see people shooting birds, and unacceptably we are quite okay with that. We do not protest against it, we don’t feel like stopping it, ‘kyunke janwar hai, insan thori’ !!

Yesterday, Just when I was returning back from my office, I saw something that left me in astonishment. There was a donkey cart along with his owner riding him, and beating the crap out of him, just because that donkey wasn’t running. It’s so usual, in almost all of the third world countries, that now, people have stopped protesting against it. However, yesterday, a women parked her car in front of the cart and asked the owner to stop doing so. She seemed quite furious and her good intentions were right in front of us, about how sad she was, watching the donkey being beaten.

We couldn’t film her just because we didn’t get a chance to take her consent over it, but in case, you read this blog, YOU ARE AWESOME. It’s time people realize, animals, too have the right to live peacefully.

We should learn to be more humane towards animals in general. And our country should impose such punishments on violation of animal rights in the country.

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