The Mystery of Two Dead Bodies at JPMC

There were two dead bodies dropped at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, and who dropped it was a question to be solved. Luckily, Karachi Police has solved the case.

On Friday, two dead bodies were dropped at JPMC by unknown men. It was a mystery for the civilians, the doctors as well as the police. However, the police, with the help of CCTV footage, was able to solve the case. According to the police they had arrested three culprits, Aslam the Taxi Driver and Zakir and Munna the rickshaw driver. Out of them, Zaki belongs to a private firm located in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.The three of them gave their statements over the following issue.

According to the culprits, both the deceased were in a residential quarter of the company. The windows were closed because of the cold weather. Gas leaking from the generator was filled in the room, which lead to suffocation. According to those held, both the deceased were first taken to a local hospital where they were referred to Jinnah. While on the way, they lost their breath, resulting in death. Why were they left abandoned being dead is still a question mark for the people.

Courtesy – ARY NEWS
Courtesy – ARY NEWS

According to the post-mortem report, there were no injury marks on the body of any deceased. When reached at the hospital, one had already died and the other was unconscious and then passed away.

Mustufa Khan, one of the dead, was missing since two days. The family had already reported FIR in Zaman Town Police Station. And the case was also taken up by Sadar SHO as Jinnah came under his jurisdiction. Later on the body and the reports were forwarded back to Zaman Town.

Where the incident was saddening there we should appreciate the rapidness of our police investigation and the accuracy with which it was done. Kudos to the men at arms.

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