The Simple Recipe List You Have Been Looking For

Love cooking but the clean up process is a hassle. We've got you covered with simple recipes that deliver delicious food with just a few easy steps.

While it’s true that not everyone enjoys cooking, everyone can manage to cook and follow through with some simple recipe outlines. From rich desserts, savoury snacks and nutritious meals, here is a list of the top 7 simple recipes that have been on the trending list of 2022.

Mexican prawn and corn nachos

The traditional nachos dish is modified in this simple recipe. The addition of seared garlic butter prawns, feta cheese crumbles, roasted corn with pine nuts and an olive oil vinaigrette makes this the ideal snack to satisfy your mid-afternoon needs. Click here to read the full recipe.


Prawn ramen stir fry

This recipe is a twist on a classic Chinese noodle recipe, this simple recipe takes about 20 minutes to prepare and connects you to authentic Asia with its distinctive spice flavour. Here, spring onions and bell peppers are roasted to perfection, shrimp crisp-seared in butter and garlic till golden, and al dente ramen.  However, the glazed curry sauce, is what pulls all of the ingredients together, and is the major component of this dish. This simple recipe brings you spice and lots of likes at the dinner table. Click here to read the full recipe


Shawarma lamb dinner platter

Switching it up with a light yet filling Mediterranian dish, this was a must-add on our list. This simple recipe has equal portions of vegetables, meat and carbs for an all-rounded dinner plate. The platter is assembled by chopping cherry tomatoes, lettuce leaves, rocket leaves, cucumbers and ring onions. Topped with a generous squeeze of lemon juice, vinegar with salt and pepper. The hummus is then set on the side of the plate dressed with olive oil with a side of toasted pita bread. The lamb is then charred in butter and rosemary with an aromatic scent in the air the meat is served and your platter is ready to enjoy. Click here to read the full recipe.


Tuscan Pasta

Pasta is a traditional quick dish that takes no more than 25 minutes to prepare and is readily adaptable to your hectic schedule. This easy and simple recipe calls for boiling your preferred pasta until al dente, while the sauce is produced by browning minced garlic in butter until golden, then adding tomato paste, spices, basil, broccoli, and some pasta water to alter the consistency of the sauce. After topping the pasta with shredded cheese of choice, basil leaves, and seasoning, your dish is ready to be enjoyed. Click here to read the full recipe.


Air Fryer Brownies 

Brownies are the ultimate comfort dessert and luckily we found a simple recipe for making brownies is your air fryer. These gooey, fudgy brownies are cooked to perfection in little cups, with molten chocolate oozing across your dessert dish. With the touch of salt on top of the warm baked good with a side of freshly scooped ice cream and whipped cream dressing, you have heaven right in front of you. Click here for the full recipe.


Pesto Pasta 

Pesto Pasta has to be one of the simplest pasta dishes ever. Pesto is simple to prepare, and the components are widely accessible at any grocery. The dish calls for 5 to 6 ingredients at most, and the dish is done within 10 minutes. The pesto sauce incorporates basil leaves, cashew nuts, pine nuts, olive oil, shredded cheese and pasta water as well as parsley which is optional. These basic ingredients put together a scrumptious pasta bowl that will surely brighten up your mood with its unique aromatic scent. Click here to see the full recipe.


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