The Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Define 2021

The world has changed due to COVID-19 as it has affected many people. Here's our list of the top tech trends to come in the year 2021.

The year of many miseries and an excellent candidate of the worst year ever – 2020 is about to come to an end, alas! However, the most significant happening of 2020, i.e., the COVID-19 crises, did a lot more than a spelling disaster for economies and societies worldwide. It resulted in trends that are anticipated to outlast COVID-19 and evolve further in 2021.

Apart from medical science, education, and entertainment, we will see technological and business trends fueled by remarkable shifts in consumer preferences and how businesses operate.

Here are a few tech trends we will see in 2021:

1- Remote Working Technologies

Remote work hit a record high during the pandemic and will continue to rise steadily throughout 2021. Zoom – a former startup that was little known before 2020, became a household name and an integral part of pop culture. Investments in digital collaboration platforms such as Microsoft’s teams, Google’s hangouts, and Verizon’s BlueJeans that facilitate remote teams share documentation, train employees, and conduct online events will grow accordingly.

2- Public Health Goes Digital

Healthcare innovation is no longer a choice – rather a necessity, with the number of virtual care visits expected to surge further in 2021. A detailed report by the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts adopting affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions, including smart and connected devices, healthcare rendered through robotics, telehealth offerings, and A.I-based diagnostics. Healthcare advancements in biotech and A.I will proceed as more and more people welcome the idea of receiving healthcare via digital mediums.

3- E-learning To Replace Traditional Learning

COVID-19 has accelerated the online education industry and helped it reach new heights, with the majority of the COVID-affected countries enforcing strict lockdowns on educational institutions. Videoconferencing and recorded lectures have become the new norm. Even once the lockdown is lifted, most higher education institutions have vowed to pursue a hybrid or blended learning approach by offering in-person learning in tandem with online teaching solutions.

4- The Adoption Of The 5G Technology

The ever increasing demand for high-speed internet and internet-connected technologies propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for the early adoption of the 5G and the establishment of infrastructure required for 5G. Many telecommunication companies, including Verizon, are working on expanding their 5G networks in 2021. 5G technologies will be deployed faster than predicted before, with more than 38 countries already having launched 5G.

5- Immersion Of Virtual Reality

As more and more businesses embrace the remote-work model, virtual reality will facilitate communication and collaboration like never before. The use of A.I integrated virtual reality will transform various factors, including but not limited to the healthcare industry, law enforcement, education, and real-estate.

Into The Future

As consumers worldwide continue to adapt to the newer digital spectrum in 2021, many tech-driven behaviors will become the new norm and define most aspects of our everyday life while also paving the way for further innovation.

By Ahsan Zafeer

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