These Painful Reforms are Life Threatening

Prime Minister Imran Khan, referring to economic struggles, said "reforms are painful". They sure are painful obviously, they've taking lives.

Pakistan has been actually struggling with its economic sector. Pakistan has been exporting goods, but have also been importing the same good, refined. Unemployment rate in Pakistan is sky-high and people are sitting jobless. There are 29.5% people living below poverty line in this country. And since the current government has taken over, things have gone a bit too far off hand for the citizens. According to Prime Minister Imran Khan “Reform is a painful process. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.” Well, our respected PM must be well aware that this reform actually has taken few lives and will be taking more sooner or later.

Imran Khan at Davos

On the other hand, Imran Khan also compared Pakistan and Malaysia saying that both the governments have been trying hard to get out of corruption. Ironically, the very next day according to TIP, Pakistan moved from 33rd position to 32nd Position on the corruption level. One rank up shows more corruption in the country and has been contrasted between 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Furthermore, Imran Khan also mentioned about Pakistanis. He was heard saying that they are the driving force for the country. “We have dynamic people,” Said Imran Khan. He also mentioned that there is no Plan B in this government. He told that he had big dreams in regards to the country. And he wanted to come back to the vision of those who founded Pakistan.

Regardless of everything he said, the country portrays a different view. People are dying of hunger and have no money to buy food. Not because they lack money, but because the food has become so much expensive because of ‘reforms’. Lets see, what happens next.

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