Thrifting: The New Fashion Trend in Pakistan.

Gone are the days when one would spend thousands and thousands of rupees on fashion, upgrade your wardrobe on a budget. Get the best clothes, get thrifting!

Since the beginning of time, the evolution of Fashion has been continual and fast. Over the years, we’ve witnessed trends come in Fashion and go out of it. Recently, however, there has been materialized a new idea; the concept of Sustainable Fashion or Thrifting. Sustainable Fashion is merely an umbrella term; the bigger goal; the end picture. It is fashion that is Slow, Ethical, Minimalist, and Zero-waste.

Recently on the rise in Pakistan, has been the trend of Thrifting. Thrifting is a concept that includes purchasing second-hand clothes or any other items which have been previously used at extremely discounted rates.

The entire point of thrifting is to be able to afford an entire wardrobe upgrade without having to spend an arm and leg. Moreover, the more important aspect of thrifting is the global effect it has. It is called sustainable fashion for a reason, you must either completely cut off from the word or just plain ignorant to not consider the current global warming situation. The need to sustain and preserve the environment has never been more important than now.

The idea is to rotate clothes amongst one another, without having to waste more cloth or material in making new products. How many times have you bought a really cute dress but only worn it once or twice because repeating it too often is just weird? We’re all guilty of that. Wouldn’t it be just easier if we exchanged clothes from one another? It’ll save us the costs and time of having to look for and purchase new outfits because you can easily find excellent condition and quality items on such thrift stores.

Want to know where you can find amazing clothes at incredible rates? We’ve listed some of the best sustainable fashion stores online in Pakistan for you:

Note: you can find the stores listed below on Instagram, they deliver nationwide!


Watermelon club aims to provide you with amazing quality clothing, at the most reasonable prices. They are constantly updating their feed with new items and run out of stock just as quickly. Make sure to give their page a look for the cutest dresses!


A more well-known name in the list, this thrift store is owned by Zari Faisal and aims to provide its customers with the best thrifting experience. They’ve got everything, from shirts, dresses to accessories- all at incredibly low prices! You can visit their Instagram page for stock alerts and sale updates, or you could check out their website!


Another one on the list of cute stores, rotate, as the name suggests promotes its customers to thrift. Their page is full of extremely cute items, at such reasonable prices- makes us want to get everything on there! If you want cute tops, this is the place for you.


Similarly, the people at thrift and thrive handpick their items for you and make sure your thrifting experience is a commendable one. Their idea is to reuse, recycle, and reduce (waste). Make sure to check out their feed for a variety of clothing!

Thrifting or Sustainable Fashion is probably the best thing to happen in Pakistan, with millions of us spending millions on clothing items, accessories, footwear, household items, etc. without realizing the impact it has on the environment and how it is damaging the Earth. One should always look at the bigger picture be wary of their actions as every action has its repercussions. So, stay responsible and keep thrifting!

Might we add, it may not be such a bad idea to thrift your clothes as well- let us keep the cycle going!

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