Thugs of Hindostan; A star studded failure

An Amir Khan and Amitab Bachan duet is bound to hit the skies. Therefore, when Thugs of Hindostan was first announced, people’s expectations went through the roof. People anticipated an epic storyline filled to the brim with action and adventure.

Amir Khan is known for having an outstanding track record when it comes to his film’s reviews. ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, ‘Dangal’ and ‘3 Idiots’ all serve as clear evidence of the impressive ratings his movies garner.

The issues started upon the very first reveal of the film; with people pointing fingers at the viability of the poster that just about parallels with the posters of the Hollywood franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Things took a turn for the worse when the first set of movie-goers presented their verdicts on the most expensive Hindi-language movie to date.

Some talked about struggling to sit through the entire three hours without falling asleep.

While others warned of the aftermath of watching it.




Some even questioned why the film was made in the first place and owed it to a little bit of corruption.


Once the official reviews came out, it was set in stone that the film was actually a disappointment despite its casting.

Let us know what you all thought about the could-have-been block bluster.