TikTok is Redefining Digital Marketing, Here is How

With TikTok continuing to accumulate more extensive and larger audiences, it should be on the top of the list for digital advertisers looking to run paid campaigns.

If you belong to Gen Z, chances are you know everything about TikTok and might probably even be one of its billion users.

Be it the youngsters packing Frere Hall to create skits in Pakistan or those dancing on rap songs in the United States, TikTok – the latest social media sensation has managed to sweep the youth across the globe off their feet within a short time. Meanwhile, others are glued to their screens, scrolling through the app for quick entertainment.

However, this unprecedented popularity of TikTok marks it’s high potential for digital marketing and is already changing how it’s done. With TikTok continuing to accumulate more extensive and larger audiences, it should be on the top of the list for digital advertisers looking to run paid campaigns.

How Businesses Can Market Themselves On TikTok

From creating a TikTok channel to working with the most followed TikTok influencers to market your brand and creating hashtag challenges that can be branded or organic, with TikTok, the possibilities for organic reach are endless.

Brands can also buy brand takeover ads that display every time a user opens the app and redirects the user to a web-page or the brand’s TikTok profile.

TikTok offers a grand stage to marketers to bring their brand at the forefront with a blend of theatrics and attention-grabbing stunts.  

Taking the Traditional Social Media by a Storm

With a format and interface that’s less juvenile than Snapchat, and far more visually appealing than Facebook or Instagram, TikTok draws upon one common theme – Short form videos that are more engaging than text or photos. TikTok has quickly become an extremely viable medium that allows for a lot of creativity within a low budget, especially if a brand’s target audience comprises teenagers.

TikTok: A Future Digital Marketing Essential

As the go-to social network for amateur actors and musicians continues to evolve with a growing dedicated user base, it is all set to become the leading advertising platform for businesses, especially those belonging to e-commerce. There’s no better way of seizing user’s attention and holding on to it than video sales ads appearing as they scroll down videos to get their daily dose of entertainment.

Not even Facebook offers a similarly effective and targeted advertising as TikTok. In the near-future, TikTok will undoubtedly disrupt social media advertising and give tough competition to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others owing to its exponential growth and popularity.

Planning To Run PPC Ads? TikTok Is Worth It!

If you have deep pockets and plan to aggressively target users on all major social media platforms, excluding TikTok might not be a good idea. It could do wonders for your digital business growth, including engagements and better conversions.

By Ahsan Zafeer

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