Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medals made from Recycled Waste

All Olympic Medals for the 2020 games will be made from Electronic Waste

The 2020 Olympic Games are set to kick off on 24th July in Tokyo.

This time around the Olympic Games medals will be made from recycled electronic waste. And it will be the first time ever such an initiative is taken by the Olympics Committee.

The inspiration to take such a step was derived from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, where they re-used electronics that were discarded (TVs, keyboards, computers), to make medals.


According to reports, “The small electronic devices donated by people across Japan will be classified and dismantled and by contractors accredited in line with the government’s Act on Promotion of Recycling of Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The medals will be produced after the gold, silver and bronze elements have been extracted by the smelting contractors.”

Since 2017, people in Japan have been donating their old electronic devices. And it is because of this, that 70 pounds of Gold, about 7000 pounds of Silver and approximately 5000 pounds of Bronze has been recovered, to this date.

All of the above will contribute to the manufacturing of about 5000 medals for next year’s games.


These are simply efforts to “contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society”, according to officials from the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project.


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