Top 10 Female Pakistani Bloggers You Should Be Following

It’s the era of bloggers, they have taken social media by a storm. Whether you’re looking for fashion, beauty, healthy or food advice; these bloggers are here to answer all your questions. With so many bloggers out there, which one do you follow? We have made a list of top 10 bloggers who we personally love and think they deserve to be recognized in the industry:

 Ania Fawad from @aniafawad 

Need some style inspiration? Ania Fawad is the girl for you! She is a blogger and a celebrity stylist who knows exactly what will work for what body type and personality. She’s amazing at what she does and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Tahleel Gulalai Khan from @tahleelk

This girl has some serious makeup skills! Tahleel is a self-taught makeup artist with a following of above 211k and is very interactive with her followers.

 Rooj from @by.rooj 

A dentist to be with a passion for blogging, Urooj is a lifestyle blogger with an infectious smile and from what we see from her on Instagram she’s got a great feed; from fashion inspiration to product reviews.

Fatima Irfan Shaikh from @glossips

Fatima is not only a beauty blogger, but a YouTuber and an entrepreneur as well. Many women see her as an inspiration and are always looking up to her for fashion related advice and tips.

 Hunaina Rasool from @hunainarasool

Hunaina is already on her way to success at such a young age. Along with being a blogger, she is a YouTuber, a National Volley Player and even has her own beauty line.

Hira Attique from @hirableeh

If you want your Instagram feed to be blessed with super cute photos, Hira is the blogger you need to follow. She’s a lifestyle blogger who surely knows how to take amazing Insta photos!

Hemayal Attique from @hemayal 

 Hemayal is also a lifestyle blogger like her sister with a following of 235k. Her followers are not just numbers, they are genuine people who love what she does.

Hira and Hemayal are both sisters and you’ll definitely not regret following them.

Anushae khan from @anushaesays

Anushae has a very fun and bubbly personality from what we’ve seen from her feed, She is a fashion blogger who loves dressing up and trying out new brands.

 Amenah Jafarey from @47giraffes

Looking for some aesthetically pleasing insta posts? Amenah has plenty for you on her feed. From random shots of her to flatlays and product photography; she does it all.

 Maheen’s Vanity from @maheen_sh

For all you makeup obsessed people out there, Maheen is the beauty influencer to follow right now. Her makeup skills are so polished and you can tell that she’s a hard worker.

How many of these bloggers are you already following?

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