Traffic Police and the People of Karachi

What does the Traffic Police do, and what should they do instead in a city, where not everyone earns and everyone is wealthy enough.

Rules are made for people to follow. And traffic rules are meant to be followed for one’s own benefit. Some people don’t follow rules, because they think it is cool to break the rules. However, there are few people who are not able to follow the rules because of some issue or other, and the issues are legitimate. What and how can the Police help these people? Can they make people follow rules, or will the citizens stay the same? Well, the nature of people in Pakistan, generally, is absurd. They will listen to anyone who speaks kindly to them, but if someone tries coming hard on them, oh they’re ready to fight.












Instead of issuing Challan to people, especially those who have a bike, but either their helmets have been stolen. Or if their helmets broke, and they don’t have enough money to buy new, the Polic should help them out. There was this one inspector who used to give his duty at Do Talwar, Karachi. His calmness, his gestures, and his sweet nature, made people follow the rules rather than go against them.


If this happens at every stop in Karachi, where Traffic Police just drag people out of the clutter and asks them to pay money, things might get better in this city. Regardless of the fact, a man is driving a car or riding a bike, if the Police start cooperating with people, people would also start doing the same thing. Instead of writing Challans, those in need should be provided with helmets. Those without helmets should be heard rather than just cutting off their challans. No one is poor by choice. It is the incapable government usually, that brings in discrimination and injustice. At least, listen to their issues, things might get better.

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